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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die

Release Date: 2006-07-27 (14 years ago)
Jesse Metcalfe
John Tucker
Jesse Metcalfe was:
Brittany Snow
Kate Spencer
Brittany Snow was:
Heather Straham
Ashanti was:
Sophia Bush
Beth McIntyre
Sophia Bush was:
Arielle Kebbel
Carrie Schaeffer
Arielle Kebbel was:
Penn Badgley
Scott Tucker
Penn Badgley was:
Jenny McCarthy
Lori Spencer
Jenny McCarthy was:
Fatso-Fasano was:
Patricia Drake
Coach Williams
Patricia Drake was:
Taylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch was:
Amber Borycki
Amber Borycki was:
Meghan Ory
Meghan Ory was:
Nicole LaPlaca
Nicole LaPlaca was:
Nicole Fraissinet
Nicole Fraissinet was:
Samantha McLeod
Samantha McLeod was:
Woody Jeffreys
Woody Jeffreys was:
Kevin McNulty
Basketball Coach
Kevin McNulty was:
Amanda Crew
Hallway Girl
Amanda Crew was:
Stuart Cowan
Freshman Flower Boy
Stuart Cowan was:
Chelan Simmons
Crying Waitress
Chelan Simmons was:
Steve Bacic
Skip #1
Steve Bacic was:
Dean Wray
Skip #2
Dean Wray was:
Johnny Cuthbert
Skip #3
Johnny Cuthbert was:
Aaron Dudley
Skip #4
Aaron Dudley was:
Marc Menard
Skip #5
Marc Menard was:
Dan Payne
Skip #6
Dan Payne was:
Mercedes de la Zerda
Stoner Girl
Mercedes de la Zerda was:
Brendan Penny
Teammate #1
Brendan Penny was:
Taurean Mills
Teammate #2
Taurean Mills was:
Emily Tennant
Hallway Girl
Emily Tennant was:
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