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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2013-08-16 (7 years ago)
Ashton Kutcher
Steve Jobs
Ashton Kutcher was:
Dermot Mulroney
Mike Markkula
Dermot Mulroney was:
Josh Gad
Steve Wozniak
Josh Gad was:
Lukas Haas
Daniel Kottke
Lukas Haas was:
Matthew Modine
John Sculley
Matthew Modine was:
J.K. Simmons
Arthur Rock
J.K. Simmons was:
Lesley Ann Warren
Clara Jobs
Lesley Ann Warren was:
Ron Eldard
Rod Holt
Ron Eldard was:
Ahna O'Reilly
Chris-Ann Brennan
Ahna O'Reilly was:
Victor Rasuk
Bill Fernandez
Victor Rasuk was:
John Getz
Paul Jobs
John Getz was:
Kevin Dunn
Gil Amelio
Kevin Dunn was:
James Woods
Jack Dudman
James Woods was:
Nelson Franklin
Bill Atkinson
Nelson Franklin was:
Eddie Hassell
Chris Espinosa
Eddie Hassell was:
Elden Henson
Andy Hertzfeld
Elden Henson was:
Lenny Jacobson
Burrell Smith
Lenny Jacobson was:
Brett Gelman
Jeff Raskin
Brett Gelman was:
Brad William Henke
Paul Terrell
Brad William Henke was:
Giles Matthey
Jonathan Ive
Giles Matthey was:
Robert Pine
Ed Woolard
Robert Pine was:
Clint Jung
Gareth Chang
Clint Jung was:
David Denman
Al Alcorn
David Denman was:
Masi Oka
Ken Tanaka
Masi Oka was:
Abby Brammell
Laurene Jobs
Abby Brammell was:
Annika Bertea
Lisa Jobs
Annika Bertea was:
Paul Barreto
Reed Jobs
Paul Barreto was:
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew was:
Samm Levine
Apple Designer #1
Samm Levine was:
Cody Chappel
Student at Lounge
Cody Chappel was:
Joel Murray
Computer Professor
Joel Murray was:
William Mapother
Calligraphy Professor
William Mapother was:
Scott Krinsky
Homebrew Attendee
Scott Krinsky was:
Evan Helmuth
Evan Helmuth was:
Laura Niemi
Jobs' Secretary
Laura Niemi was:
Jim Turner
Jobs' Attorney
Jim Turner was:
Clayton Rohner
Financial Expert
Clayton Rohner was:
Rachel Rosenstein
Apple Receptionist
Rachel Rosenstein was:
Christopher Curry
Board Member #1
Christopher Curry was:
Mark Kassen
Mark Kassen was:
Dan Shaked
Apple Engineer
Dan Shaked was:
Duncan Bravo
Zen Roshi
Duncan Bravo was:
Kent Shocknek
1980 News Caster
Kent Shocknek was:
Aaron Kuban
Aaron Kuban was:
Olivia Jordan
Girl in Bedroom Estate
Olivia Jordan was:
Ava Acres
Young Lisa Jobs (uncredited)
Ava Acres was:
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