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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

Release Date: 2010-07-30 (10 years ago)
Zac Efron
Charlie St. Cloud
Zac Efron was:
Charlie Tahan
Sam St. Cloud
Charlie Tahan was:
Amanda Crew
Tess Carroll
Amanda Crew was:
Augustus Prew
Alistair Wooley
Augustus Prew was:
Donal Logue
Tink Weatherbee
Donal Logue was:
Kim Basinger
Louise St. Cloud
Kim Basinger was:
Ray Liotta
Florio Ferrente
Ray Liotta was:
Dave Franco
Dave Franco was:
Matt Ward
Matt Ward was:
Miles Chalmers
Miles Chalmers was:
Jesse Wheeler
Jesse Wheeler was:
Desiree Zurowski
Carla Ferrente
Desiree Zurowski was:
Adrian Hough
Ben Carroll
Adrian Hough was:
Jill Teed
Grace Carroll
Jill Teed was:
Valerie Tian
Girl in Toy Store
Valerie Tian was:
Grace Sherman
Girl in Toy Store
Grace Sherman was:
Brenna O'Brien
Girl in Toy Store
Brenna O'Brien was:
Tegan Moss
Tegan Moss was:
Julia Maxwell
Julia Maxwell was:
Paul Chevreau
Hoddy Snow
Paul Chevreau was:
Paul Duchart
Reverend Polk
Paul Duchart was:
Renu Bakshi
Renu Bakshi was:
Darren Dolynski
Ambulance Driver
Darren Dolynski was:
Sophie Stukas
Mary Rogers
Sophie Stukas was:
Marci T. House
Marci T. House was:
Ted Whittall
Ted Whittall was:
Natasha Denis
Natasha Denis was:
D. Neil Mark
D. Neil Mark was:
Hamish Miller
Charlie Sailing Double
Hamish Miller was:
Richard Minielly
Sam Sailing Double
Richard Minielly was:
Stirling Bancroft
Sailing Double
Stirling Bancroft was:
Jake Cullen
Sailing Double
Jake Cullen was:
Rob Dale
Sailing Double
Rob Dale was:
Carolyn Field
Sailing Double
Carolyn Field was:
Nickola Girke
Sailing Double
Nickola Girke was:
Trevor Jones
Sailing Double
Trevor Jones was:
Michael Leitch
Sailing Double
Michael Leitch was:
Andrew Mccorquadale
Sailing Double
Andrew Mccorquadale was:
Vicky Rhodes
Sailing Double
Vicky Rhodes was:
John Scott
Sailing Double
John Scott was:
Georgia Stephens
Sailing Double
Georgia Stephens was:
Charlsy Dobell
Charlsy Dobell was:
Jeffrey Lane
Jeffrey Lane was:
Hunter Lowden
Hunter Lowden was:
Skylar Moir
Skylar Moir was:
Aaron Atkins
Coast Guard Diver (uncredited)
Aaron Atkins was:
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