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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cross Country Cruise

Cross Country Cruise

Release Date: 1934-01-16 (87 years ago)
Lew Ayres
Norman Winthrop
Lew Ayres was:
June Knight
Sue Fleming
June Knight was:
Alice White
Alice White was:
Alan Dinehart
Steve Borden
Alan Dinehart was:
Minna Gombell
Nita Borden
Minna Gombell was:
Eugene Pallette
Willy Bronson
Eugene Pallette was:
Robert McWade
The Grouch
Robert McWade was:
Henry Armetta
The Italian
Henry Armetta was:
Arthur Vinton
Arthur Vinton was:
Craig Reynolds
First Bus Driver
Craig Reynolds was:
Jimmy Conlin
Jimmy Conlin was:
Harry C. Bradley
First Dodd's Salesman (Uncredited)
Harry C. Bradley was:
Walter Brennan
Niagara Falls Boatman (Uncredited)
Walter Brennan was:
Eddy Chandler
Last Bus Driver (Uncredited)
Eddy Chandler was:
Jane Darwell
Mrs. O'Hara (Uncredited)
Jane Darwell was:
Wini Shaw
Singer on Bus (uncredited)
Wini Shaw was:
Jean Fenwick
School Teacher (Uncredited)
Jean Fenwick was:
Ara Haswell
Old Maid (Uncredited)
Ara Haswell was:
Edward Hearn
Bus Passenger (Uncredited)
Edward Hearn was:
Eddie Kane
Chicago Hotel Waiter (Uncredited)
Eddie Kane was:
Kay Lavelle
Wife of Henpecked Man (Uncredited)
Kay Lavelle was:
Herta Lynd
German Girl (Uncredited)
Herta Lynd was:
Lee Phelps
Bus Driver (Uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Rolfe Sedan
Second Dodd's Salesman (Uncredited)
Rolfe Sedan was:
C. Montague Shaw
Mr. Collins (Uncredited)
C. Montague Shaw was:
Wini Shaw
Singer on Bus (Uncredited)
Wini Shaw was:
Ann Shoemaker
Mrs. O'Shaughnessy (Uncredited)
Ann Shoemaker was:
Will Stanton
Drunk on Bus (Uncredited)
Will Stanton was:
Harry Strang
Detective (Uncredited)
Harry Strang was:
Peggy Terry
Toots (Uncredited)
Peggy Terry was:
Charles C. Wilson
Detective (Uncredited)
Charles C. Wilson was:
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