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Release Date: 2008-10-23 (12 years ago)
Nigist Anteneh
Tiya (segment "Tiya's Dream")
Nigist Anteneh was:
Tefera Gizaw
Tiya's father (segment "Tiya's Dream")
Tefera Gizaw was:
Fekadu Kebede
Teacher (segment "Tiya's Dream")
Fekadu Kebede was:
Ingvar E. Sigurðsson
Father (segment "The Letter")
Ingvar E. Sigurðsson was:
Hringur Ingvarsson
Son (segment "The Letter")
Hringur Ingvarsson was:
Dieudonne Ilboudo
Man (segment "SIDA")
Dieudonne Ilboudo was:
Konkona Sen Sharma
Zeinab (segment "How can it be ?")
Konkona Sen Sharma was:
Ranvir Shorey
Arif (segment "How can it be ?")
Ranvir Shorey was:
Birsa Chatterjee
Son (segment "How can it be?")
Birsa Chatterjee was:
Alice Englert
Ziggy (segment "The Water Diary")
Alice Englert was:
Tintin Marova Kelly
Sam (segment "The Water Diary")
Tintin Marova Kelly was:
Isidore Tillers
Felicity Miles (segment "The Water Diary")
Isidore Tillers was:
Harry Greenwood
Simon (segment "The Water Diary")
Harry Greenwood was:
Miranda Jakich
Mrs. Miles (segment "The Water Diary")
Miranda Jakich was:
Justine Clarke
Mother (segment "The Water Diary")
Justine Clarke was:
Russell Dykstra
Father (segment "The Water Diary")
Russell Dykstra was:
Ian Abdulla
Lunch Guest (segment "The Water Diary")
Ian Abdulla was:
Di Adams
Lunch Guest (segment "The Water Diary")
Di Adams was:
Chris Haywood
Lunch Guest (segment "The Water Diary")
Chris Haywood was:
Loydi Hucshva Haynas
Panshin Beka (segment "The story of Panshin Beka")
Loydi Hucshva Haynas was:
Olivia Aravelo Lomos
Nonna (segment "The story of Panshin Beka")
Olivia Aravelo Lomos was:
Denis Rafael Barbaran
Marito (segment "The story of Panshin Beka")
Denis Rafael Barbaran was:
Auristela Brito Valles
Panshin Beka's friend (segment "The story of Panshin Beka")
Auristela Brito Valles was:
Pendo Duku
(segment "Person to Person")
Pendo Duku was:
Tsehaie Kidane
(segment "Person to Person") (as Tsehaie Abraham Kidane)
Tsehaie Kidane was:
Megan Gay
Ronda (segment "Person to Person")
Megan Gay was:
Bhasker Patel
(segment "Person to Person")
Bhasker Patel was:
Robert Seeliger
(segment "Person to Person")
Robert Seeliger was:
Ian T. Dickinson
Frank (segment "Person to Person")
Ian T. Dickinson was:
Tomas Spencer
Seymour (segment "Person to Person")
Tomas Spencer was:
Gerhard Gutberlet
(segment "Person to Person")
Gerhard Gutberlet was:
Aminata M. Kalokoh
(segment "Person to Person")
Aminata M. Kalokoh was:
Mena Z. Kalokoh
(segment "Person to Person")
Mena Z. Kalokoh was:
Augusto Aguilera
Lender (segment "Person to Person")
Augusto Aguilera was:
Aba Arthur
African Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Aba Arthur was:
Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof was:
Melissa Butts
Melissa Butts was:
Youssou N'Dour
Youssou N'Dour was:
Campino was:
Lavetta Cannon
African Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Lavetta Cannon was:
Luis Fernandez-Gil
Guatemalan Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Luis Fernandez-Gil was:
Herbert Grönemeyer
Herbert Grönemeyer was:
Yolanda Hester
African Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Yolanda Hester was:
Michael Lehr
Lender (segment "Person to Person")
Michael Lehr was:
Angela Malhotra
Borrower - East Indian (segment "Person to Person")
Angela Malhotra was:
Marta Cross
Costa Rican Borrower (segment "Person to Person") (as Marta McGonagle)
Marta Cross was:
Vanessa Paul
The Lender (segment "Person to Person")
Vanessa Paul was:
Shai Fali
Borrower- East Indian (segment "Person to Person") (as Shaifali Ratti)
Shai Fali was:
K. Harrison Sweeney
Lender (segment "Person to Person") (as Kharrison Sweeney)
K. Harrison Sweeney was:
Rodney Charles
Rodney Charles was:
Constance Ejuma
African Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Constance Ejuma was:
Susanne Herrmann
(segment "Person to Person")
Susanne Herrmann was:
Grace Matias
Grace Matias was:
Pendo Nyinondi
African Borrower 'Person to Person' (as Pendo)
Pendo Nyinondi was:
Jessica Shelby
(segment "Person to Person")
Jessica Shelby was:
Jennifer Popagain
Panamanian Borrower (segment "Person to Person")
Jennifer Popagain was:
Genevieve Lemon
Pam Garner (segment "The Water Diary")
Genevieve Lemon was:
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