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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Down to You

Down to You

Release Date: 2000-01-21 (21 years ago)
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Alfred 'Al' Connelly
Freddie Prinze Jr. was:
Julia Stiles
Julia Stiles was:
Selma Blair
Selma Blair was:
Shawn Hatosy
Eddie Hicks
Shawn Hatosy was:
Zak Orth
Monk Jablonski
Zak Orth was:
Ashton Kutcher
Jim Morrison
Ashton Kutcher was:
Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson was:
Henry Winkler
Chef Ray
Henry Winkler was:
Lucie Arnaz
Judy Connelly
Lucie Arnaz was:
Lauren German
Lovestruck Woman
Lauren German was:
Zay Harding
Lovestruck Man
Zay Harding was:
Mark Blum
The Interviewer
Mark Blum was:
Amanda Barfield
Faith Keenan
Amanda Barfield was:
Chloe Hunter
Megan Brodski
Chloe Hunter was:
Granger Green
Haley Heller
Granger Green was:
Jed Rhein
Gabe Stiano
Jed Rhein was:
Bradley Pierce
Ricky James
Bradley Pierce was:
Alexia Landeau
Cousin Maeva
Alexia Landeau was:
Adam Carolla
'The Man Show' Host
Adam Carolla was:
Jimmy Kimmel
'The Man Show' Host
Jimmy Kimmel was:
Caroline Ambrose
Al's First Kiss
Caroline Ambrose was:
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