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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Childhood of Icarus

The Childhood of Icarus

Release Date: Thursday, December 16 2010 (11 years ago)
Portrait of Guillaume DepardieuGuillaume Depardieu
Jonathan Vogel
Guillaume Depardieu was:
Portrait of Alysson ParadisAlysson Paradis
Alice Karr
Alysson Paradis was:
Portrait of Carlo BrandtCarlo Brandt
Stivlas Karr
Carlo Brandt was:
Portrait of Sophie LukasikSophie Lukasik
Anna Vogel
Sophie Lukasik was:
Portrait of Dorotheea PetreDorotheea Petre
Infirmière Jonathan
Dorotheea Petre was:
Portrait of Patricia BoppPatricia Bopp
La consultante
Patricia Bopp was:
Portrait of Jean-Pierre GosJean-Pierre Gos
Jacques Becker
Jean-Pierre Gos was:
Portrait of Mădălina ConstantinMădălina Constantin
Infirmière Cassandre
Mădălina Constantin was:
Portrait of Rodica LazărRodica Lazăr
Assistante médicale
Rodica Lazăr was:
Portrait of Florin TibuFlorin Tibu
Monsieur Krauss
Florin Tibu was:
Portrait of Alexa MogosdanAlexa Mogosdan
Madame Krauss
Alexa Mogosdan was:
Portrait of Daniel BandilaDaniel Bandila
Daniel Bandila was:
Portrait of Ana SterieAna Sterie
Femme politicien
Ana Sterie was:
Portrait of Elena TurnescuElena Turnescu
La petite fille à la corde
Elena Turnescu was:
Portrait of Patrick de PreuxPatrick de Preux
Avocat 1
Patrick de Preux was:
Portrait of Ștefan VelniciucȘtefan Velniciuc
Avocat 2
Ștefan Velniciuc was:
Portrait of Gelu NituGelu Nitu
Avocat 3
Gelu Nitu was:
Portrait of Anca DumitraAnca Dumitra
Infirmière dans le rêve
Anca Dumitra was:
Portrait of Andra StanciuAndra Stanciu
Guitariste 1
Andra Stanciu was:
Portrait of Paul Ionel BaiasuPaul Ionel Baiasu
Guitariste 2
Paul Ionel Baiasu was:
Portrait of Ana DumitrescuAna Dumitrescu
Violoniste 1
Ana Dumitrescu was:
Portrait of Dana Cristina PanaDana Cristina Pana
Violoniste 2
Dana Cristina Pana was:
Portrait of Gabriela BokorGabriela Bokor
Gabriela Bokor was:
Portrait of Antonela Luiza IorgaAntonela Luiza Iorga
Antonela Luiza Iorga was:
Portrait of Constantin FlorescuConstantin Florescu
Infirmier chef transfert
Constantin Florescu was:
Portrait of Gabriel SpahiuGabriel Spahiu
Infirmier transfert
Gabriel Spahiu was:
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