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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Danielle Cable:  Eyewitness

Danielle Cable: Eyewitness

Release Date: Monday, April 14 2003 (19 years ago)
Portrait of Joanne FroggattJoanne Froggatt
Danielle Cable
Joanne Froggatt was:
Portrait of Bill PatersonBill Paterson
DI Nick Biddiss
Bill Paterson was:
Portrait of Lindsey CoulsonLindsey Coulson
Ann Cable
Lindsey Coulson was:
Portrait of Jamie ForemanJamie Foreman
Keith Phelan
Jamie Foreman was:
Portrait of Nigel TerryNigel Terry
Kenneth Noye
Nigel Terry was:
Portrait of Eamon BolandEamon Boland
Ken Cameron
Eamon Boland was:
Portrait of Alex HassellAlex Hassell
Stephen Cameron
Alex Hassell was:
Portrait of Jennifer HennessyJennifer Hennessy
DS Libby Marks
Jennifer Hennessy was:
Portrait of Tim WoodwardTim Woodward
Jeff Mundy
Tim Woodward was:
Portrait of Paul JessonPaul Jesson
Brian Boyce
Paul Jesson was:
Portrait of Stephanie LeonidasStephanie Leonidas
Stephanie Leonidas was:
Portrait of Chris GeereChris Geere
Josh Harman
Chris Geere was:
Portrait of Michael McKellMichael McKell
Terry Cable
Michael McKell was:
Portrait of Connor McIntyreConnor McIntyre
Steve Allan
Connor McIntyre was:
Portrait of Anton LesserAnton Lesser
Anton Lesser was:
Portrait of Hannah YellandHannah Yelland
Hannah Yelland was:
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