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Ikarie XB 1

Ikarie XB 1

Release Date: 1963-07-01 (57 years ago)
Zdeněk Štěpánek
Captain Vladimir Abajev
Zdeněk Štěpánek was:
František Smolík
Anthony Hopkins - mathematician
František Smolík was:
Dana Medřická
Nina Kirova - sociologist
Dana Medřická was:
Irena Kačírková
Irena Kačírková was:
Radovan Lukavský
Commander MacDonald
Radovan Lukavský was:
Otto Lackovič
Michal - coordinator
Otto Lackovič was:
Miroslav Macháček
Marcel Bernard
Miroslav Macháček was:
Jiří Vršťala
Erik Svenson - pilot
Jiří Vršťala was:
Rudolf Deyl
Ervin Herold - pilot
Rudolf Deyl was:
Jaroslav Mareš
Milek Wertbowsky
Jaroslav Mareš was:
Martin Ťapák
Petr Kubes - biologist
Martin Ťapák was:
Marcela Martínková
Steffa - Wertbowsky's wife
Marcela Martínková was:
Jozef Adamovič
Zdenek Lorenc - coordinator
Jozef Adamovič was:
Jaroslav Rozsíval
The Ship's Doctor
Jaroslav Rozsíval was:
Ruzena Urbanova
Eva - historian
Ruzena Urbanova was:
Svatava Hubeňáková
Rena, MacDonald's wife
Svatava Hubeňáková was:
Jan Cmíral
Jan Cmíral was:
Vjačeslav Irmanov
Vjačeslav Irmanov was:
Marcela Baťková
Crew member
Marcela Baťková was:
Eva Cedlová
Eva Cedlová was:
Karel Duba
Crew member
Karel Duba was:
Miroslav Abrahám
Crew member (uncredited)
Miroslav Abrahám was:
Naděžda Blažíčková
Dancer (uncredited)
Naděžda Blažíčková was:
Zdeněk Jelínek
Pianist (uncredited)
Zdeněk Jelínek was:
Bohumil Klika
Dancer (uncredited)
Bohumil Klika was:
Jan S. Kolár
Dead man (uncredited)
Jan S. Kolár was:
Věra Křesadlová
Crew member (uncredited)
Věra Křesadlová was:
Alena Martinovská
Dancer (uncredited)
Alena Martinovská was:
Ladislav Mrkvička
Romeo in movie (uncredited)
Ladislav Mrkvička was:
Vladimír Navrátil
Coordinator (uncredited)
Vladimír Navrátil was:
Olga Navrátilová
Crew member (uncredited)
Olga Navrátilová was:
Marie Popelková
Dead woman (uncredited)
Marie Popelková was:
Hana Prazanová
Julie in movie (uncredited)
Hana Prazanová was:
Olga Schoberová
Crew member (uncredited)
Olga Schoberová was:
Gustav Vobornik
Crew member (uncredited)
Gustav Vobornik was:
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