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Plot: The main characters of the film are Zhenya and Volodya: these are young guys from wealthy families who have been friends since childhood, both work in the company of Volodya’s father and are fond of motor sports. Volodya has a bride, Olga, but, as Zhenya becomes aware, she is going to marry solely for selfish ends
Release Date: Friday, November 18 2011
12 years ago
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Portrait of Aleksandr YakovlevAleksandr Yakovlev
Aleksandr Yakovlev was
65 in Duel
Tue, Jan 15 1946 –
Mon, Dec 19 2016
Portrait of Nino NinidzeNino Ninidze
Nino Ninidze was
20 in Duel
Sat, Jul 13 1991
Portrait of Anatoliy RudenkoAnatoliy Rudenko
Anatoliy Rudenko was
29 in Duel
Thu, Oct 07 1982
Portrait of Lyanka GryuLyanka Gryu
Lyanka Gryu was
23 in Duel
Sun, Nov 22 1987
Portrait of Irina TsyvinaIrina Tsyvina
Irina Tsyvina was
48 in Duel
Mon, Jul 01 1963
Portrait of Dmitriy MazurovDmitriy Mazurov
Dmitriy Mazurov was
30 in Duel
Mon, Apr 13 1981
Portrait of Irina CherichenkoIrina Cherichenko
Irina Cherichenko was
48 in Duel
Sat, Aug 03 1963
Portrait of Svyatoslav NastashevskySvyatoslav Nastashevsky
Svyatoslav Nastashevsky was
49 in Duel
Tue, Oct 02 1962
Portrait of Nikita PomerantsevNikita Pomerantsev
Nikita Pomerantsev was
56 in Duel
Mon, Jun 06 1955


Portrait of Jafar AkhundzadeJafar Akhundzade
Jafar Akhundzade was
>> in Duel
as 'Director'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Tatyana ArtseulovaTatyana Artseulova
Tatyana Artseulova was
>> in Duel
as 'Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Marietta ZakharyanMarietta Zakharyan
Marietta Zakharyan was
>> in Duel
as 'Writer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Timur WeinsteinTimur Weinstein
Timur Weinstein was
37 in Duel
as 'Producer'
Fri, Mar 01 1974
Portrait of Aleksandr KushaevAleksandr Kushaev
Aleksandr Kushaev was
38 in Duel
as 'Producer'
Thu, Mar 08 1973
Portrait of Yuliya SumachyovaYuliya Sumachyova
Yuliya Sumachyova was
28 in Duel
as 'Producer'
Fri, Jul 22 1983
Portrait of Vladimir KrestovskiyVladimir Krestovskiy
Vladimir Krestovskiy was
35 in Duel
as 'Music'
Fri, Dec 19 1975
Portrait of Sergey KristovskiySergey Kristovskiy
Sergey Kristovskiy was
40 in Duel
as 'Music'
Sat, Jul 31 1971
Portrait of Gafur RadzhepovGafur Radzhepov
Gafur Radzhepov was
>> in Duel
as 'Camera Operator'
Unknown Birthday