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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

Release Date: Tuesday, January 3 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Ray WinstoneRay Winstone
Sweeney Todd
Ray Winstone was:
Portrait of Essie DavisEssie Davis
Mrs Lovett
Essie Davis was:
Portrait of David WarnerDavid Warner
David Warner was:
Portrait of Tom HardyTom Hardy
Tom Hardy was:
Portrait of David BradleyDavid Bradley
Sweeney's Father
David Bradley was:
Portrait of Anthony O'DonnellAnthony O'Donnell
Anthony O'Donnell was:
Portrait of Roger FrostRoger Frost
Roger Frost was:
Portrait of David FoxxeDavid Foxxe
David Foxxe was:
Portrait of Ben WalkerBen Walker
Ben Walker was:
Portrait of Jessica HookerJessica Hooker
Jessica Hooker was:
Portrait of Paul CurrierPaul Currier
Paul Currier was:
Portrait of Mircea DrimbareanuMircea Drimbareanu
Mr. Lovett
Mircea Drimbareanu was:
Portrait of Gabriel SpahiuGabriel Spahiu
Gabriel Spahiu was:
Portrait of Vlad RădescuVlad Rădescu
Vlad Rădescu was:
Portrait of Bogdan CotlețBogdan Cotleț
Bogdan Cotleț was:
Portrait of Alexandru DrăgoiAlexandru Drăgoi
Young Buck
Alexandru Drăgoi was:
Portrait of Alan O'SilvaAlan O'Silva
Aid barber
Alan O'Silva was:
Portrait of Rachel OgilvyRachel Ogilvy
Rachel Ogilvy was:
Portrait of Claudiu TrandafirClaudiu Trandafir
Barbershop Customer
Claudiu Trandafir was:
Portrait of Radu BânzaruRadu Bânzaru
Constable (uncredited)
Radu Bânzaru was:
Portrait of Zoltan ButucZoltan Butuc
Gaoler (uncredited)
Zoltan Butuc was:
Portrait of Ingo GottwaldIngo Gottwald
Half Shaved Customer (uncredited)
Ingo Gottwald was:
Portrait of Radu Andrei MicuRadu Andrei Micu
Youth (uncredited)
Radu Andrei Micu was:
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