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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here

Release Date: Friday, December 24 1943 (78 years ago)
Portrait of Alice FayeAlice Faye
Edie Allen
Alice Faye was:
Portrait of Carmen MirandaCarmen Miranda
Carmen Miranda was:
Portrait of Phil BakerPhil Baker
Phil Baker
Phil Baker was:
Portrait of Benny GoodmanBenny Goodman
Benny Goodman
Benny Goodman was:
Portrait of Eugene PalletteEugene Pallette
Andrew Mason Sr.
Eugene Pallette was:
Portrait of Charlotte GreenwoodCharlotte Greenwood
Mrs. Peyton Potter
Charlotte Greenwood was:
Portrait of Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton
Peyton Potter
Edward Everett Horton was:
Portrait of Tony De MarcoTony De Marco
Tony De Marco was:
Portrait of James EllisonJames Ellison
Andy Mason
James Ellison was:
Portrait of Sheila RyanSheila Ryan
Vivian Potter
Sheila Ryan was:
Portrait of Dave WillockDave Willock
Sgt. Pat Casey
Dave Willock was:
Portrait of Jeanne CrainJeanne Crain
Chorus Girl / Pool Party Guest (uncredited)
Jeanne Crain was:
Portrait of Frank FaylenFrank Faylen
Marine Sergeant (uncredited)
Frank Faylen was:
Portrait of Miriam LaVelleMiriam LaVelle
Specialty Dancer (uncredited)
Miriam LaVelle was:
Portrait of Bobby SomersBobby Somers
Child Dancers
Bobby Somers was:
Portrait of June HaverJune Haver
Chorus Girl / Hat-Check Girl (uncredited)
June Haver was:
Portrait of Adele JergensAdele Jergens
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Adele Jergens was:
Portrait of Leon BelascoLeon Belasco
Waiter (uncredited)
Leon Belasco was:
Portrait of Brooks BenedictBrooks Benedict
Club New Yorker Patron (uncredited)
Brooks Benedict was:
Portrait of Lee BennettLee Bennett
Club New Yorker Patron (uncredited)
Lee Bennett was:
Portrait of Ruth BradyRuth Brady
Dancer (uncredited)
Ruth Brady was:
Portrait of Lorraine BreacherLorraine Breacher
Dancer (uncredited)
Lorraine Breacher was:
Portrait of Gabriel CanzonaGabriel Canzona
Organ Grinder (uncredited)
Gabriel Canzona was:
Portrait of Brooke ChapinBrooke Chapin
Litttle Girl (uncredited)
Brooke Chapin was:
Portrait of Frank DarienFrank Darien
Stage Doorman (uncredited)
Frank Darien was:
Portrait of Frankie DayeFrankie Daye
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Frankie Daye was:
Portrait of Jo-Carroll DennisonJo-Carroll Dennison
Minor Role (uncredited)
Jo-Carroll Dennison was:
Portrait of George DobbsGeorge Dobbs
Benson (uncredited)
George Dobbs was:
Portrait of Johnny DuncanJohnny Duncan
Jitterbug Dancer (uncredited)
Johnny Duncan was:
Portrait of Herbert EvansHerbert Evans
Club New Yorker Patron (uncredited)
Herbert Evans was:
Portrait of Deidre GaleDeidre Gale
Jitterbug Dancer (uncredited)
Deidre Gale was:
Portrait of Hallene HillHallene Hill
Old Lady (uncredited)
Hallene Hill was:
Portrait of Leyland HodgsonLeyland Hodgson
Butler (uncredited)
Leyland Hodgson was:
Portrait of Russell HoytRussell Hoyt
Sailor (uncredited)
Russell Hoyt was:
Portrait of Al MurphyAl Murphy
Stage Manager (uncredited)
Al Murphy was:
Portrait of Jean O'DonnellJean O'Donnell
Dancer (uncredited)
Jean O'Donnell was:
Portrait of Aloysio de OliveiraAloysio de Oliveira
Specialty Performer (uncredited)
Aloysio de Oliveira was:
Portrait of Donna Mae RobertsDonna Mae Roberts
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Donna Mae Roberts was:
Portrait of Marion RosamondMarion Rosamond
Dancer (uncredited)
Marion Rosamond was:
Portrait of Charles SaggauCharles Saggau
Beezy - Jitterbug Dancer (uncredited)
Charles Saggau was:
Portrait of Virginia SaleVirginia Sale
Miss Custer, Secretary (uncredited)
Virginia Sale was:
Portrait of Billie SewardBillie Seward
Dancer (uncredited)
Billie Seward was:
Portrait of Mary StewartMary Stewart
Chorus Girl (uncredited)
Mary Stewart was:
Portrait of Blanche TaylorBlanche Taylor
Dancer (uncredited)
Blanche Taylor was:
Portrait of Fred WalburnFred Walburn
Newsboy (uncredited)
Fred Walburn was:
Portrait of Virginia WilsonVirginia Wilson
De Marco's Dancing Partner (uncredited)
Virginia Wilson was:
Portrait of Lillian YarboLillian Yarbo
Maid (uncredited)
Lillian Yarbo was:
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