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Poster of People Will Talk

People Will Talk

Release Date: Wednesday, August 29 1951 (70 years ago)
Portrait of Cary GrantCary Grant
Dr. Noah Praetorius
Cary Grant was:
Portrait of Jeanne CrainJeanne Crain
Deborah Higgins
Jeanne Crain was:
Portrait of Finlay CurrieFinlay Currie
Finlay Currie was:
Portrait of Hume CronynHume Cronyn
Prof. Rodney Elwell
Hume Cronyn was:
Portrait of Walter SlezakWalter Slezak
Prof. Barker
Walter Slezak was:
Portrait of Sidney BlackmerSidney Blackmer
Arthur Higgins
Sidney Blackmer was:
Portrait of Basil RuysdaelBasil Ruysdael
Dean Lyman Brockwell
Basil Ruysdael was:
Portrait of Katherine LockeKatherine Locke
Miss James
Katherine Locke was:
Portrait of Margaret HamiltonMargaret Hamilton
Sarah Pickett (uncredited)
Margaret Hamilton was:
Portrait of Jack KellyJack Kelly
Student (uncredited)
Jack Kelly was:
Portrait of Paul LeesPaul Lees
Student (uncredited)
Paul Lees was:
Portrait of Leon TylerLeon Tyler
Student (uncredited)
Leon Tyler was:
Portrait of Jo GilbertJo Gilbert
Nurse (uncredited)
Jo Gilbert was:
Portrait of Tina BlagoiTina Blagoi
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Tina Blagoi was:
Portrait of Helen DicksonHelen Dickson
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Helen Dickson was:
Portrait of Bess FlowersBess Flowers
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Portrait of Robert HainesRobert Haines
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Robert Haines was:
Portrait of Sam HarrisSam Harris
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Portrait of Gail BonneyGail Bonney
Dean's Secretary (uncredited)
Gail Bonney was:
Portrait of William BryantWilliam Bryant
Student Manager (uncredited)
William Bryant was:
Portrait of James CarlisleJames Carlisle
Trial Spectator (uncredited)
James Carlisle was:
Portrait of Julia DeanJulia Dean
Old Lady (uncredited)
Julia Dean was:
Portrait of John DavidsonJohn Davidson
Faculty Board Member (uncredited)
John Davidson was:
Portrait of Wally DeanWally Dean
Faculty Board Member (uncredited)
Wally Dean was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Faculty Board Member (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Hans MoebusHans Moebus
Faculty Board Member (uncredited)
Hans Moebus was:
Portrait of Lawrence A. WilliamsLawrence A. Williams
Faculty Board Member (uncredited)
Lawrence A. Williams was:
Portrait of Lawrence DobkinLawrence Dobkin
Business Manager (uncredited)
Lawrence Dobkin was:
Portrait of Bill DyerBill Dyer
Car Attendant (uncredited)
Bill Dyer was:
Portrait of Billy HouseBilly House
Coonan (uncredited)
Billy House was:
Portrait of Kay LavelleKay Lavelle
Bella (uncredited)
Kay Lavelle was:
Portrait of Carl M. LevinessCarl M. Leviness
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness was:
Portrait of Adele LongmireAdele Longmire
Mabel (uncredited)
Adele Longmire was:
Portrait of Joyce MackenzieJoyce Mackenzie
Gussie (uncredited)
Joyce Mackenzie was:
Portrait of Ray MontgomeryRay Montgomery
Doctor (uncredited)
Ray Montgomery was:
Portrait of Ann MorrisonAnn Morrison
Dietician (uncredited)
Ann Morrison was:
Portrait of Al MurphyAl Murphy
Photographer (uncredited)
Al Murphy was:
Portrait of George Offerman, Jr.George Offerman, Jr.
Uriah Haskins (uncredited)
George Offerman, Jr. was:
Portrait of Parley BaerParley Baer
Toy Store Salesman (uncredited)
Parley Baer was:
Portrait of Loretta RussellLoretta Russell
Concertgoer (uncredited)
Loretta Russell was:
Portrait of Irene SeidnerIrene Seidner
Cook (uncredited)
Irene Seidner was:
Portrait of Esther SomersEsther Somers
Mrs. Pegwhistle (uncredited)
Esther Somers was:
Portrait of Carol VargaCarol Varga
Cadaver (uncredited)
Carol Varga was:
Portrait of Maude WallaceMaude Wallace
Night Matron (uncredited)
Maude Wallace was:
Portrait of Will WrightWill Wright
Uncle John Higgins (uncredited)
Will Wright was:
Portrait of Carleton YoungCarleton Young
Technician (uncredited)
Carleton Young was:
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