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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Harriet Craig

Harriet Craig

Release Date: Thursday, November 2 1950 (71 years ago)
Portrait of Joan CrawfordJoan Crawford
Harriet Craig
Joan Crawford was:
Portrait of Wendell CoreyWendell Corey
Walter Craig
Wendell Corey was:
Portrait of Lucile WatsonLucile Watson
Celia Fenwick
Lucile Watson was:
Portrait of Allyn JoslynAllyn Joslyn
Billy Birkmire
Allyn Joslyn was:
Portrait of William BishopWilliam Bishop
Wes Miller
William Bishop was:
Portrait of K.T. StevensK.T. Stevens
Clare Raymond
K.T. Stevens was:
Portrait of Viola RoacheViola Roache
Mrs. Harold
Viola Roache was:
Portrait of Raymond GreenleafRaymond Greenleaf
Henry Fenwick
Raymond Greenleaf was:
Portrait of Ellen CorbyEllen Corby
Ellen Corby was:
Portrait of Virginia BrissacVirginia Brissac
Mother of Harriet Craig (Uncredited)
Virginia Brissac was:
Portrait of Kathryn CardKathryn Card
Mrs. Norwood (Uncredited)
Kathryn Card was:
Portrait of Charles EvansCharles Evans
Mr. Winston (Uncredited)
Charles Evans was:
Portrait of Mira McKinneyMira McKinney
Mrs. Winston (Uncredited)
Mira McKinney was:
Portrait of Pat MitchellPat Mitchell
Danny Frazier (Uncredited)
Pat Mitchell was:
Portrait of Al MurphyAl Murphy
Bartender (Uncredited)
Al Murphy was:
Portrait of Fiona O'ShielFiona O'Shiel
Mrs. Frazier (Uncredited)
Fiona O'Shiel was:
Portrait of Susanne RosserSusanne Rosser
Nurse (Uncredited)
Susanne Rosser was:
Portrait of Katherine WarrenKatherine Warren
Dr. Lambert (Uncredited)
Katherine Warren was:
Portrait of Douglas WoodDouglas Wood
Mr. Norwood (Uncredited)
Douglas Wood was:
Portrait of Herschel GrahamHerschel Graham
Restaurant Patron (Uncredited)
Herschel Graham was:
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