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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Fort Apache

Fort Apache

Release Date: Monday, June 14 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of John WayneJohn Wayne
Capt. Kirby York
John Wayne was:
Portrait of Henry FondaHenry Fonda
Lt. Col. Owen Thursday
Henry Fonda was:
Portrait of Shirley TempleShirley Temple
Philadelphia Thursday
Shirley Temple was:
Portrait of Pedro ArmendárizPedro Armendáriz
Sgt. Beaufort
Pedro Armendáriz was:
Portrait of Ward BondWard Bond
Sgt. Maj. Michael O'Rourke
Ward Bond was:
Portrait of George O’BrienGeorge O’Brien
Capt. Sam Collingwood
George O’Brien was:
Portrait of Victor McLaglenVictor McLaglen
Sgt. Festus Mulcahy
Victor McLaglen was:
Portrait of Anna LeeAnna Lee
Mrs. Emily Collingwood
Anna Lee was:
Portrait of Irene RichIrene Rich
Mrs. Mary O'Rourke
Irene Rich was:
Portrait of Dick ForanDick Foran
Sgt. Quincannon
Dick Foran was:
Portrait of Guy KibbeeGuy Kibbee
Capt. Dr. Wilkens
Guy Kibbee was:
Portrait of Grant WithersGrant Withers
Silas Meacham
Grant Withers was:
Portrait of Jack PennickJack Pennick
Sgt. Daniel Schattuck
Jack Pennick was:
Portrait of Ray HykeRay Hyke
Lt. Gates
Ray Hyke was:
Portrait of MovitaMovita
Movita was:
Portrait of Miguel InclánMiguel Inclán
Miguel Inclán was:
Portrait of Mary GordonMary Gordon
Ma (barmaid)
Mary Gordon was:
Portrait of Philip KiefferPhilip Kieffer
Philip Kieffer was:
Portrait of Mae MarshMae Marsh
Mrs. Gates
Mae Marsh was:
Portrait of Hank WordenHank Worden
Southern Recruit
Hank Worden was:
Portrait of John AgarJohn Agar
2nd Lt. Michael Shannon O'Rourke
John Agar was:
Portrait of Abdullah AbbasAbdullah Abbas
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Abdullah Abbas was:
Portrait of Danny BorzageDanny Borzage
Recruit With Mustache / Accordionist at Serenade (uncredited)
Danny Borzage was:
Portrait of Cliff ClarkCliff Clark
Stage Driver (uncredited)
Cliff Clark was:
Portrait of Jane CrowleyJane Crowley
Officer's Wife (uncredited)
Jane Crowley was:
Portrait of Frank FergusonFrank Ferguson
Newspaperman (uncredited)
Frank Ferguson was:
Portrait of Francis FordFrancis Ford
Fen - Stage Guard (uncredited)
Francis Ford was:
Portrait of William ForrestWilliam Forrest
Reporter (uncredited)
William Forrest was:
Portrait of Fred GrahamFred Graham
Cavalryman (uncredited)
Fred Graham was:
Portrait of Frank McGrathFrank McGrath
Cpl. Derice (uncredited)
Frank McGrath was:
Portrait of Clyde McLeodClyde McLeod
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Clyde McLeod was:
Portrait of Russell MeekerRussell Meeker
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Russell Meeker was:
Portrait of Al MurphyAl Murphy
Orchestra Leader (uncredited)
Al Murphy was:
Portrait of John RiceJohn Rice
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
John Rice was:
Portrait of Phil SchumacherPhil Schumacher
Soldier (uncredited)
Phil Schumacher was:
Portrait of Allen D. SewallAllen D. Sewall
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Allen D. Sewall was:
Portrait of Mickey SimpsonMickey Simpson
NCO at Dance (uncredited)
Mickey Simpson was:
Portrait of Leslie SketchleyLeslie Sketchley
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Leslie Sketchley was:
Portrait of Brick SullivanBrick Sullivan
Officer at Dance (uncredited)
Brick Sullivan was:
Portrait of Harry TenbrookHarry Tenbrook
Tom O'Feeney (uncredited)
Harry Tenbrook was:
Portrait of Archie TwitchellArchie Twitchell
Reporter (uncredited)
Archie Twitchell was:
Portrait of Eleanore VogelEleanore Vogel
Officer's Wife (uncredited)
Eleanore Vogel was:
Portrait of Bobby HaleBobby Hale
Officer at Dance
Bobby Hale was:
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