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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Gran Torino

Gran Torino

Release Date: Tuesday, December 9 2008 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood
Walt Kowalski
Clint Eastwood was:
Portrait of Christopher CarleyChristopher Carley
Father Janovich
Christopher Carley was:
Portrait of Bee VangBee Vang
Tao Vang Lor
Bee Vang was:
Portrait of Ahney HerAhney Her
Sue Lor
Ahney Her was:
Portrait of Brian HaleyBrian Haley
Mitch Kowalski
Brian Haley was:
Portrait of Geraldine HughesGeraldine Hughes
Karen Kowalski
Geraldine Hughes was:
Portrait of Dreama WalkerDreama Walker
Ashley Kowalski
Dreama Walker was:
Portrait of Brian HoweBrian Howe
Steve Kowalski
Brian Howe was:
Portrait of John Carroll LynchJohn Carroll Lynch
Barber Martin
John Carroll Lynch was:
Portrait of William HillWilliam Hill
Tim Kennedy
William Hill was:
Portrait of Brooke Chia ThaoBrooke Chia Thao
Brooke Chia Thao was:
Portrait of Chee ThaoChee Thao
Grandma Vang Lor
Chee Thao was:
Portrait of Choua KueChoua Kue
Choua Kue was:
Portrait of Scott EastwoodScott Eastwood
Scott Eastwood was:
Portrait of Xia Soua ChangXia Soua Chang
Kor Khue
Xia Soua Chang was:
Portrait of Doua MouaDoua Moua
Doua Moua was:
Portrait of Sarah NeubauerSarah Neubauer
Sarah Neubauer was:
Portrait of Lee Mong VangLee Mong Vang
Hmong Gang Banger 3 (uncredited)
Lee Mong Vang was:
Portrait of Nana GbewonyoNana Gbewonyo
Monk (uncredited)
Nana Gbewonyo was:
Portrait of John AntonJohn Anton
Family Friend (uncredited)
John Anton was:
Portrait of Austin Douglas SmithAustin Douglas Smith
Daniel Kowalski
Austin Douglas Smith was:
Portrait of Ramon CamachoRamon Camacho
Latino #3 (uncredited)
Ramon Camacho was:
Portrait of Rio ScafoneRio Scafone
Day Planner
Rio Scafone was:
Portrait of Thomas D. MahardThomas D. Mahard
Thomas D. Mahard was:
Portrait of Arthur CartwrightArthur Cartwright
Prez (uncredited)
Arthur Cartwright was:
Portrait of Julia HoJulia Ho
Dr. Chu
Julia Ho was:
Portrait of Elvis ThaoElvis Thao
Hmong Gangbanger
Elvis Thao was:
Portrait of Clint WardClint Ward
Clint Ward was:
Portrait of Shelagh ConleyShelagh Conley
Extra (uncredited)
Shelagh Conley was:
Portrait of William C. FoxWilliam C. Fox
Family Friend (uncredited)
William C. Fox was:
Portrait of Tony Stef'AnoTony Stef'Ano
Man on Street (uncredited)
Tony Stef'Ano was:
Portrait of Carey TorriceCarey Torrice
Blonde (uncredited)
Carey Torrice was:
Portrait of Sonny VueSonny Vue
Sonny Vue was:
Portrait of Greg TrzaskomaGreg Trzaskoma
Greg Trzaskoma was:
Portrait of John JohnsJohn Johns
John Johns was:
Portrait of Davis GloffDavis Gloff
Davis Gloff was:
Portrait of Conor Liam CallaghanConor Liam Callaghan
David Kowalski
Conor Liam Callaghan was:
Portrait of Michael E. KurowskiMichael E. Kurowski
Josh Kowalski
Michael E. Kurowski was:
Portrait of Maykao K. LytongpaoMaykao K. Lytongpao
Maykao K. Lytongpao was:
Portrait of Carlos GuadarramaCarlos Guadarrama
Head Latino (uncredited)
Carlos Guadarrama was:
Portrait of Andrew Tamez-HullAndrew Tamez-Hull
Latino Gangbanger (uncredited)
Andrew Tamez-Hull was:
Portrait of Antonio MirelesAntonio Mireles
Latino Gangbanger (uncredited)
Antonio Mireles was:
Portrait of Tru HangTru Hang
Hmong Grandfather (uncredited)
Tru Hang was:
Portrait of Marty BufaliniMarty Bufalini
Lawyer (uncredited)
Marty Bufalini was:
Portrait of My-Ishia Cason-BrownMy-Ishia Cason-Brown
Muslim Receptionist (uncredited)
My-Ishia Cason-Brown was:
Portrait of Rochelle WinterRochelle Winter
Waitress (uncredited)
Rochelle Winter was:
Portrait of Claudia RodgersClaudia Rodgers
White Woman Neighbor (uncredited)
Claudia Rodgers was:
Portrait of Darline BucchareDarline Bucchare
Church Member (uncredited)
Darline Bucchare was:
Portrait of Jeffrey Scott BashamJeffrey Scott Basham
Man on Street (uncredited)
Jeffrey Scott Basham was:
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