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Poster of Close Enemies

Close Enemies

Release Date: Wednesday, October 3 2018 (3 years ago)
Portrait of Matthias SchoenaertsMatthias Schoenaerts
Manuel Marco
Matthias Schoenaerts was:
Portrait of Reda KatebReda Kateb
Driss, captain of the narcotics squad
Reda Kateb was:
Portrait of Adel BencherifAdel Bencherif
Imrane Mogalia, aka 'Tonton'
Adel Bencherif was:
Portrait of Sofiane ZermaniSofiane Zermani
Sofiane Zermani was:
Portrait of Sabrina OuazaniSabrina Ouazani
Mounia, Imrane's companion
Sabrina Ouazani was:
Portrait of Gwendolyn GourvenecGwendolyn Gourvenec
Manon, Manuel's ex-companion
Gwendolyn Gourvenec was:
Portrait of Nicolas GiraudNicolas Giraud
Rémi Rufo
Nicolas Giraud was:
Portrait of Astrid WhettnallAstrid Whettnall
Head of the narcotics squad
Astrid Whettnall was:
Portrait of Marc BarbéMarc Barbé
Marc, narcotics squad
Marc Barbé was:
Portrait of Yann GovenYann Goven
Fernandez, narcotics squad
Yann Goven was:
Portrait of Ahmed BenaissaAhmed Benaissa
Raji, "godfather" of the estate
Ahmed Benaissa was:
Portrait of Omar SalimOmar Salim
Nouri, Raji's man
Omar Salim was:
Portrait of Adem BenosmaneAdem Benosmane
Yacine, son of Imrane and Mounia
Adem Benosmane was:
Portrait of Noah BenzaquenNoah Benzaquen
Noah Benzaquen was:
Portrait of Michèle BréantMichèle Bréant
Michèle Bréant was:
Portrait of Guillaume VerdierGuillaume Verdier
Jean-Marc Furlan
Guillaume Verdier was:
Portrait of Mustapha BenstitiMustapha Benstiti
Mustapha Benstiti was:
Portrait of Simon FerranteSimon Ferrante
Simon Ferrante was:
Portrait of Raphaël ThiéryRaphaël Thiéry
Curro Reyes
Raphaël Thiéry was:
Portrait of Johnny MontreuilJohnny Montreuil
Reyes man
Johnny Montreuil was:
Portrait of Djemel BarekDjemel Barek
Father of Imran
Djemel Barek was:
Portrait of Nadir LouatibNadir Louatib
Nadir Louatib was:
Portrait of Aïmen DerriachiAïmen Derriachi
Aïmen Derriachi was:
Portrait of Zaire SouchiZaire Souchi
Zaire Souchi was:
Portrait of Kova RéaKova Réa
Kova Réa was:
Portrait of Arthur BenzaquenArthur Benzaquen
Municipal police officer
Arthur Benzaquen was:
Portrait of Yann TremblayYann Tremblay
Biker in the shootout
Yann Tremblay was:
Portrait of Malki AttarMalki Attar
Raji man
Malki Attar was:
Portrait of Maxime DembaMaxime Demba
Raji man
Maxime Demba was:
Portrait of Pierre Gomes-TavaresPierre Gomes-Tavares
Ikken dealer
Pierre Gomes-Tavares was:
Portrait of Raphael MagnaboscoRaphael Magnabosco
Narcotics policeman
Raphael Magnabosco was:
Portrait of Djamel LazaarDjamel Lazaar
Djamel Lazaar was:
Portrait of John SehilJohn Sehil
Passer-by in the street (uncredited)
John Sehil was:
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