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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A Prophet

A Prophet

Release Date: Wednesday, August 26 2009 (13 years ago)
Portrait of Tahar RahimTahar Rahim
Malik El Djebena
Tahar Rahim was:
Portrait of Niels ArestrupNiels Arestrup
César Luciani
Niels Arestrup was:
Portrait of Adel BencherifAdel Bencherif
Adel Bencherif was:
Portrait of Hichem YacoubiHichem Yacoubi
Hichem Yacoubi was:
Portrait of Reda KatebReda Kateb
Reda Kateb was:
Portrait of Jean-Philippe RicciJean-Philippe Ricci
Jean-Philippe Ricci was:
Portrait of Gilles CohenGilles Cohen
Gilles Cohen was:
Portrait of Antoine BaslerAntoine Basler
Antoine Basler was:
Portrait of Pierre LecciaPierre Leccia
Pierre Leccia was:
Portrait of Foued NassahFoued Nassah
Foued Nassah was:
Portrait of Jean-Emmanuel PagniJean-Emmanuel Pagni
Jean-Emmanuel Pagni was:
Portrait of Frédéric GrazianiFrédéric Graziani
Prison Warden
Frédéric Graziani was:
Portrait of Leïla BekhtiLeïla Bekhti
Leïla Bekhti was:
Portrait of Rabah LoucifRabah Loucif
Malik's Lawyer
Rabah Loucif was:
Portrait of Slimane DaziSlimane Dazi
Slimane Dazi was:
Portrait of Serge OntenienteSerge Onteniente
Le juge d'application des peines
Serge Onteniente was:
Portrait of Hervé TémimeHervé Témime
Le procureur
Hervé Témime was:
Portrait of Taha LemaiziTaha Lemaizi
Taha Lemaizi was:
Portrait of Mohamed MakhtoumiMohamed Makhtoumi
Mohamed Makhtoumi was:
Portrait of Karim LeklouKarim Leklou
Musulman couloir
Karim Leklou was:
Portrait of Farid LarbiFarid Larbi
Musulman couloir
Farid Larbi was:
Portrait of Guillaume VerdierGuillaume Verdier
Guillaume Verdier was:
Portrait of Mourad FraremaMourad Frarema
Mourad Frarema was:
Portrait of Hakim SidHakim Sid
Shoes racket
Hakim Sid was:
Portrait of Nathanaël MaïniNathanaël Maïni
Garde Sampierro
Nathanaël Maïni was:
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