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Poster of El vengador del 30-06

El vengador del 30-06

Release Date: Saturday, January 1 1982 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Fernando AlmadaFernando Almada
Pancho Ruvalcaba
Fernando Almada was:
Portrait of Rosa Gloria ChagoyánRosa Gloria Chagoyán
Dra. Teresa Treviño
Rosa Gloria Chagoyán was:
Portrait of Ana Luisa PeluffoAna Luisa Peluffo
Ana Luisa Peluffo was:
Portrait of Jorge RussekJorge Russek
El chueco Robespierre
Jorge Russek was:
Portrait of Eleazar GarcíaEleazar García
José Treviño, el padrino
Eleazar García was:
Portrait of Rodrigo PueblaRodrigo Puebla
Rodrigo Puebla was:
Portrait of Alfredo Wally BarrónAlfredo Wally Barrón
Alfredo Wally Barrón was:
Portrait of Gilberto TrujilloGilberto Trujillo
Sobrino del chueco
Gilberto Trujillo was:
Portrait of Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco'Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco'
Esbirro del Chueco
Alfredo Gutiérrez 'El Turco' was:
Portrait of Arturo BenavidesArturo Benavides
Arturo Benavides was:
Portrait of Claudio SorelClaudio Sorel
Claudio Sorel was:
Portrait of Tello MantecónTello Mantecón
Tello Mantecón was:
Portrait of Julián GarzaJulián Garza
Julián Garza was:
Portrait of Jesús GómezJesús Gómez
Esbirro del Chueco
Jesús Gómez was:
Portrait of Alfonso MunguíaAlfonso Munguía
Alfonso Munguía was:
Portrait of José Luis AvendañoJosé Luis Avendaño
José Luis Avendaño was:
Portrait of Clarissa AhuetClarissa Ahuet
Pariente de los Nájera
Clarissa Ahuet was:
Portrait of Rubén MárquezRubén Márquez
Padre de Pancho
Rubén Márquez was:
Portrait of Roberto IglesiasRoberto Iglesias
Roberto Iglesias was:
Portrait of Adalberto ArvizuAdalberto Arvizu
Adalberto Arvizu was:
Portrait of Manolo CárdenasManolo Cárdenas
Manolo Cárdenas was:
Portrait of Eleazar García Jr.Eleazar García Jr.
Esbirro del Chueco
Eleazar García Jr. was:
Portrait of Ángel de la PeñaÁngel de la Peña
Ángel de la Peña was:
Portrait of Alejandro de la PeñaAlejandro de la Peña
Alejandro de la Peña was:
Portrait of Nena DelgadoNena Delgado
Nena Delgado was:
Portrait of Teresa CisnerosTeresa Cisneros
Teresa Cisneros was:
Portrait of Javier GarcíaJavier García
Javier García was:
Portrait of Luis GarzaLuis Garza
El Tuerto
Luis Garza was:
Portrait of Pedro Rodríguez 'Fufurufo'Pedro Rodríguez 'Fufurufo'
Pedro Rodríguez 'Fufurufo' was:
Portrait of Jaime PizanoJaime Pizano
Jaime Pizano was:
Portrait of Julio AhuetJulio Ahuet
Julio Ahuet was:
Portrait of Juan Carlos BriceñoJuan Carlos Briceño
Juan Carlos Briceño was:
Portrait of Jorge Luis TamezJorge Luis Tamez
Jorge Luis Tamez was:
Portrait of Fernando Lozano LlamasFernando Lozano Llamas
Fernando Lozano Llamas was:
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