Portrait of Paulo Filipe

Paulo Filipe

Bio: Paulo Filipe Monteiro (Born 12 December 1965) is a Portuguese actor, screenwriter, film director and university teacher.
Born: Mon, Dec 06 1965
Birthplace: Coimbra, Portugal
Paulo Filipe is 58 years old
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Movies (As Crew)

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Poster of Pas de Quoi
Pas de Quoi
Paulo Filipe was
54 in Pas de Quoi
as 'Director, Screenplay, Producer'.
Fri, Nov 13 2020
Poster of Zeus
Paulo Filipe was
51 in Zeus
as 'Director, Screenplay'.
Thu, Jan 05 2017
Poster of Amor Cego
Amor Cego
Paulo Filipe was
44 in Amor Cego
as 'Director, Screenplay'.
Wed, Dec 01 2010
Poster of Twist of Fate
Twist of Fate
Paulo Filipe was
43 in Twist of Fate
as 'Screenplay'.
Thu, Nov 12 2009
Poster of 451 Forte
451 Forte
Paulo Filipe was
34 in 451 Forte
as 'Screenplay'.
Sat, Jan 01 2000
Poster of Longe da Vista
Longe da Vista
Paulo Filipe was
33 in Longe da Vista
as 'Screenplay'.
Fri, Apr 02 1999
Poster of The Eyes of Asia
The Eyes of Asia
Paulo Filipe was
31 in The Eyes of Asia
as 'Screenplay'.
Fri, Apr 11 1997
Poster of The End of the World
The End of the World
Paulo Filipe was
27 in The End of the World
as 'Writer'.
Thu, Jun 10 1993
Poster of Clear Nights
Clear Nights
Paulo Filipe will be
58+ in Clear Nights
as 'Director, Writer'.

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