Portrait of Macarena Soto

Macarena Soto

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Macarena Soto is ?
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Poster of Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia
Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia
Macarena Soto was
? in Isi/Disi - Amor a lo bestia
as 'Costume Design'.
Fri, Jul 23 2004
Poster of Second Skin
Second Skin
Macarena Soto was
? in Second Skin
as 'Costume Design'.
Mon, Dec 13 1999
Poster of Grandes ocasiones
Grandes ocasiones
Macarena Soto was
? in Grandes ocasiones
as 'Costume Design'.
Fri, Feb 06 1998
Poster of Matías, juez de línea
Matías, juez de línea
Macarena Soto was
? in Matías, juez de línea
as 'Costume Designer'.
Fri, Apr 12 1996
Poster of King of the River
King of the River
Macarena Soto was
? in King of the River
as 'Assistant Costume Designer'.
Fri, Feb 24 1995
Poster of Siete Segundos
Siete Segundos
Macarena Soto will be
0+ in Siete Segundos
as 'Assistant Director, Production Design'.

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