Portrait of Yan Feldman

Yan Feldman

Bio: Yan Feldman is known for Serenity (2005), Argo (2012) and Curtiz (2018).
Born: Unknown birthdate.
Yan Feldman is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Curtiz
Yan Feldman was
? in Curtiz
as 'Julius Epstein'.
Thu, Sep 12 2019
Poster of Bad Moms
Bad Moms
Yan Feldman was
? in Bad Moms
as 'Bartender'.
Thu, Jul 28 2016
Poster of Argo
Yan Feldman was
? in Argo
as 'Air Traffic Controller'.
Thu, Oct 11 2012
Poster of Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill
Yan Feldman was
? in Jack and Jill
as 'Documentary Twin'.
Fri, Nov 11 2011
Poster of Done the Impossible
Done the Impossible
Yan Feldman was
? in Done the Impossible
as 'Self'.
Fri, Jul 28 2006
Poster of Serenity
Yan Feldman was
? in Serenity
as 'Mingojerry "Mingo" Rample'.
Sun, Sep 25 2005
Poster of Murder Without Conviction
Murder Without Conviction
Yan Feldman was
? in Murder Without Conviction
as 'Edward Talley (Age 24)'.
Thu, Feb 12 2004
Poster of Bruiser
Yan Feldman was
? in Bruiser
as 'Knife'.
Sun, Feb 13 2000

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of The Rookie
The Rookie
Yan Feldman was
? in The Rookie
as 'Dr. Hurley, Doctor'.
First Air Date
Tue, Oct 16 2018
Poster of Masters of Sex
Masters of Sex
Yan Feldman was
? in Masters of Sex
as 'Lyle Schwartz'.
First Air Date
Sun, Sep 29 2013
Poster of Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow
Yan Feldman was
? in Sleepy Hollow
as 'Ben'.
First Air Date
Mon, Sep 16 2013
Poster of The Mentalist
The Mentalist
Yan Feldman was
? in The Mentalist
as 'Ray Qasimi'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 23 2008
Poster of House
Yan Feldman was
? in House
as 'Mike'.
First Air Date
Tue, Nov 16 2004
Poster of NCIS
Yan Feldman was
? in NCIS
as 'Walid Abbas'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 23 2003
Poster of Relic Hunter
Relic Hunter
Yan Feldman was
? in Relic Hunter
as 'Policeman #1, Shareef, Yusef'.
First Air Date
Sat, Sep 25 1999
Poster of Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1
Yan Feldman was
? in Stargate SG-1
as 'Til'vak'.
First Air Date
Sun, Jul 27 1997