Portrait of Wei Qing

Wei Qing

Born: Wed, Apr 28 1948
Birthplace: Pingdingshan, Henan Province, China
Wei Qing is 76 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Love Without Permission
Love Without Permission
Wei Qing was
75 in Love Without Permission
as 'Grandma'.
Thu, Apr 25 2024
Poster of Remember Me
Remember Me
Wei Qing was
75 in Remember Me
Fri, Mar 15 2024
Poster of Almost Love
Almost Love
Wei Qing was
74 in Almost Love
as 'Grandmother'.
Thu, Aug 04 2022
Poster of Anaconda Mountain
Anaconda Mountain
Wei Qing was
73 in Anaconda Mountain
as 'Aunt Mei'.
Thu, Feb 03 2022
Poster of Brotherhood
Wei Qing was
73 in Brotherhood
as 'Hou Ye'.
Fri, Jan 21 2022
Poster of 无翅飞翔
Wei Qing was
72 in 无翅飞翔
Thu, Apr 01 2021
Poster of Bath Buddy
Bath Buddy
Wei Qing was
72 in Bath Buddy
as 'Wang Sufen'.
Fri, Dec 11 2020
Poster of Shu Zhen
Shu Zhen
Wei Qing was
72 in Shu Zhen
as 'Shuzhen'.
Mon, Sep 28 2020
Poster of Voice of the Nation
Voice of the Nation
Wei Qing was
71 in Voice of the Nation
Fri, Oct 18 2019
Poster of Dying to Survive
Dying to Survive
Wei Qing was
70 in Dying to Survive
as 'Old Woman'.
Fri, Jul 06 2018
Poster of Wolf Warrior 2
Wolf Warrior 2
Wei Qing was
69 in Wolf Warrior 2
as 'Yu Fei's Mother'.
Thu, Jul 27 2017
Poster of Door God
Door God
Wei Qing was
66 in Door God
as 'Grandmother'.
Fri, Oct 24 2014
Poster of Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Wei Qing will be
76+ in Painted Skin: The Resurrection
Poster of Walk in the Shadows
Walk in the Shadows
Wei Qing will be
76+ in Walk in the Shadows
as 'Mother Lin'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Ages in TV shows are based off the first air date and may not be accurate. View individual episode details for accurate ages
Poster of Parallel World
Parallel World
Wei Qing was
75+ in Parallel World
as 'Elder Ms. Qian'.
First Air Date
Thu, Sep 07 2023
Poster of The Lost 11th Floor
The Lost 11th Floor
Wei Qing was
75+ in The Lost 11th Floor
as 'Saojin Grandma(扫金老太)'.
First Air Date
Sun, Jul 09 2023
Poster of Bright Future
Bright Future
Wei Qing was
74+ in Bright Future
as '宝根妈 / BaoGen Mom'.
First Air Date
Wed, Dec 07 2022
Poster of Rock it, Mom
Rock it, Mom
Wei Qing was
74+ in Rock it, Mom
First Air Date
Tue, Oct 11 2022
Poster of Simmer Down
Simmer Down
Wei Qing was
73+ in Simmer Down
as '[Yang Guang & Jing Jing's grandmother]'.
First Air Date
Sun, Apr 24 2022
Poster of With You
With You
Wei Qing was
72+ in With You
as 'Jiang Yunying'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 29 2020
Poster of 河神2
Wei Qing was
72+ in 河神2
First Air Date
Mon, Jul 06 2020
Poster of Tientsin Mystic
Tientsin Mystic
Wei Qing was
69+ in Tientsin Mystic
as '张神婆'.
First Air Date
Wed, Jul 19 2017
Poster of 我的左手右手
Wei Qing was
64+ in 我的左手右手
First Air Date
Sun, Jan 13 2013