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Tracy Middendorf

Tracy Middendorf

Born: Mon, Jan 26 1970
years old
Scream: Halloween Special
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Maggie Duval
Tue, Oct 18 2016
Reaching for the Moon
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Mary Morse
Sat, Feb 09 2013
Boy Wonder
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Mary Donovan
Wed, Aug 11 2010
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Herself
Tue, May 04 2010
Just Add Water
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Nora
Tue, Mar 18 2008
El Cortez
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Theda
Thu, Oct 05 2006
The Time Tunnel
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Sheila Phillips
Tue, Jun 06 2006
Mission: Impossible III
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Ashley
Wed, May 03 2006
The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Businesswoman
Mon, May 17 2004
For Love of the Game
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Blonde Player's Wife
Fri, Sep 17 1999
Dying to Belong
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Kim Lessing
Mon, Feb 24 1997
Ed McBain's 87th Precinct: Lightning
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Dorothy
Sun, Mar 19 1995
New Nightmare
Tracy Middendorf was:
Played: Julie
Thu, Oct 13 1994
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