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Tor Johnson

Tor Johnson

Born: Mon, Oct 19 1903 - Wed, May 12 1971
years old
Dad Made Dirty Movies
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Himself (archive footage)
Thu, Aug 02 2012
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Guard
Wed, Nov 06 1968
The Beast of Yucca Flats
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Joseph Javorsky
Fri, Jun 02 1961
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Inspector Clay
Wed, Jul 22 1959
Night of the Ghouls
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Lobo
Thu, Jan 01 1959
The Unearthly
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Lobo
Fri, Jun 28 1957
The Black Sleep
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Mr. Curry
Fri, Jun 15 1956
Bride of the Monster
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Lobo
Wed, May 11 1955
Angels in the Outfield
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Wrestler on TV (uncredited)
Fri, Oct 19 1951
Dear Brat
Tor Johnson was:
Played: The new gardener (uncredited)
Wed, May 30 1951
The Lemon Drop Kid
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Super Swedish Angel (Wrestler)
Mon, Apr 02 1951
Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Abou Ben
Sat, Aug 05 1950
Behind Locked Doors
Tor Johnson was:
Played: 'The Champ', a patient (uncredited)
Mon, Sep 13 1948
State of the Union
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Wrestler (uncredited)
Fri, Apr 30 1948
Lost in a Harem
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Majordomo (uncredited)
Fri, Dec 01 1944
Swing Out the Blues
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Weightlifter
Thu, Dec 23 1943
The Meanest Man in the World
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Vladimir Pulasky (uncredited)
Fri, Feb 12 1943
Gentleman Jim
Tor Johnson was:
Played: The Mauler (uncredited)
Sat, Nov 14 1942
Shadow of the Thin Man
Tor Johnson was:
Played: "The Irish Thrush", a wrestler (uncredited)
Fri, Nov 21 1941
Man on the Flying Trapeze
Tor Johnson was:
Played: Tosoff - Wrestler (uncredited)
Sat, Aug 03 1935
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