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Tige Andrews

Tige Andrews

Born: Fri, Mar 19 1920 - Sat, Jan 27 2007
years old
Gypsy Angels
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Ted
Mon, Jan 01 1990
Return of the Mod Squad
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Adam Greer
Fri, May 18 1979
Raid on Entebbe
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Shimon Peres
Sun, Dec 26 1976
The Last Tycoon
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Popolos
Thu, Nov 18 1976
The Werewolf of Woodstock
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Bert / The Werewolf
Fri, Jan 24 1975
Skyway to Death
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Sam Nichols
Sat, Jan 19 1974
The Weird World of Weird
Tige Andrews was:
Thu, Jan 01 1970
In Enemy Country
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Nicolay
Fri, Jul 05 1968
The Killers of Mussolini
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Bassi
Thu, Jun 04 1959
Imitation General
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Pvt. Orville Hutchmeyer
Wed, Aug 20 1958
China Doll
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Cpl. Carlo Menotti
Fri, Jun 06 1958
Until They Sail
Tige Andrews was:
Played: US Marine, Store Customer
Tue, Oct 08 1957
Mister Roberts
Tige Andrews was:
Played: Wiley
Sun, Jul 10 1955
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