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Portrait of Susan Oliver

Susan Oliver

Born: Sat, Feb 13 1932 - Thu, May 10 1990
years old
Poster of The Green Girl
The Green Girl
Susan Oliver would have been:
Played: Herself
Thu, Jul 24 2014
Poster of The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation To The Next
The Star Trek Saga: From One Generation To The Next
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Vina (archive footage)
Mon, Oct 03 1988
Poster of International Airport
International Airport
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Mary Van Leuven
Sat, May 25 1985
Poster of Tomorrow's Child
Tomorrow's Child
Susan Oliver was:
Mon, Mar 22 1982
Poster of Hardly Working
Hardly Working
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Claire Trent
Fri, Apr 03 1981
Poster of Dan August: Once Is Never Enough
Dan August: Once Is Never Enough
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Leona Serling
Tue, Jan 01 1980
Poster of Widows' Nest
Widows' Nest
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Isabel
Thu, Dec 01 1977
Poster of Amelia Earhart
Amelia Earhart
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Neta Snook 'Snookie'
Mon, Oct 25 1976
Poster of Death in Space
Death in Space
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Carla Burke
Mon, Jun 17 1974
Poster of Ginger in the Morning
Ginger in the Morning
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Sugar
Fri, Mar 02 1973
Poster of Do You Take This Stranger?
Do You Take This Stranger?
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Mildred Candrall
Sun, Jan 17 1971
Poster of Carter's Army
Carter's Army
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Anna Renvic
Tue, Jan 27 1970
Poster of Change of Mind
Change of Mind
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Margaret Rowe
Wed, Oct 08 1969
Poster of The Monitors
The Monitors
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Barbara Cole
Wed, Oct 08 1969
Poster of A Man Called Gannon
A Man Called Gannon
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Matty
Fri, Mar 08 1968
Poster of The Love-Ins
The Love-Ins
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Patricia Cross
Wed, Jul 26 1967
Poster of The Disorderly Orderly
The Disorderly Orderly
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Susan Andrews
Wed, Dec 16 1964
Poster of Your Cheatin' Heart
Your Cheatin' Heart
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Audrey Williams
Wed, Nov 04 1964
Poster of Guns of Diablo
Guns of Diablo
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Maria Macklin
Sun, Oct 04 1964
Poster of Looking for Love
Looking for Love
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Jan McNair
Wed, Aug 05 1964
Poster of BUtterfield 8
BUtterfield 8
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Norma
Fri, Nov 04 1960
Poster of The Gene Krupa Story
The Gene Krupa Story
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Dorissa Dinell
Thu, Jan 01 1959
Poster of The Green-Eyed Blonde
The Green-Eyed Blonde
Susan Oliver was:
Played: Phyllis 'Greeneyes'
Sat, Dec 14 1957
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