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Portrait of Stuart Fratkin

Stuart Fratkin

Born: Sun, Sep 22 1963
years old
Poster of Pitfire of Hell
Pitfire of Hell
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Karl's Dad
Mon, May 30 2016
Poster of Claire Makes It Big
Claire Makes It Big
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Harry the Agent
Tue, Apr 27 1999
Poster of Godzilla
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Utah Ensign
Wed, May 20 1998
Poster of The Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise
The Rockford Files: A Blessing in Disguise
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Jerry Jamison
Sun, May 14 1995
Poster of Remote
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Richie Marinelli
Wed, Sep 22 1993
Poster of Prehysteria!
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Ritchie
Wed, Jun 30 1993
Poster of I'm Dangerous Tonight
I'm Dangerous Tonight
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Victor
Wed, Aug 08 1990
Poster of Ski School
Ski School
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Fitz Fitzgerald
Mon, Jan 01 1990
Poster of Dr. Alien
Dr. Alien
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Marvin
Thu, Oct 12 1989
Poster of Under the Boardwalk
Under the Boardwalk
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Lapps
Fri, Apr 14 1989
Poster of Teen Wolf Too
Teen Wolf Too
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Stiles
Fri, Nov 20 1987
Poster of Daddy
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Jake
Tue, Apr 14 1987
Poster of Valet Girls
Valet Girls
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Dash
Thu, Jan 01 1987
Poster of Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Stuart Fratkin was:
Played: Sam
Fri, Apr 12 1985
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