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Simon Scott

Simon Scott

Born: Tue, Sep 21 1920 - Wed, Dec 11 1991
years old
Twilight's Last Gleaming
Simon Scott was:
Played: Gen. Phil Spencer - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Wed, Feb 09 1977
The Hindenburg
Simon Scott was:
Played: Luftwaffe General
Thu, Dec 25 1975
The Six Million Dollar Man: Wine, Women and War
Simon Scott was:
Played: Capt. Dawson
Sat, Oct 20 1973
Night Train to Terror
Simon Scott was:
Played: McGuffin
Wed, May 23 1973
The Man
Simon Scott was:
Played: Hugh Gaynor
Wed, Jul 19 1972
Anatomy of a Crime
Simon Scott was:
Fri, Jun 13 1969
In Enemy Country
Simon Scott was:
Played: General Jomar
Fri, Jul 05 1968
Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round
Simon Scott was:
Played: William Anderson
Wed, Oct 12 1966
Father Goose
Simon Scott was:
Played: Captain of Submarine, USS Sailfin
Thu, Dec 10 1964
Ready for the People
Simon Scott was:
Played: District Attorney
Thu, Oct 01 1964
The Couch
Simon Scott was:
Played: Lt. Kritzman
Wed, Feb 21 1962
The Honeymoon Machine
Simon Scott was:
Played: Capt. Harvey Adam
Wed, Aug 16 1961
No Name on the Bullet
Simon Scott was:
Played: Reeger
Sun, Feb 01 1959
Man of a Thousand Faces
Simon Scott was:
Played: Carl Hastings
Thu, Aug 15 1957
Battle Hymn
Simon Scott was:
Played: Lt. Hollis
Thu, Feb 14 1957
I've Lived Before
Simon Scott was:
Played: Robert Allen, Attorney
Sat, Sep 01 1956
The Raid
Simon Scott was:
Played: Capt. Floyd Henderson (uncredited)
Wed, Aug 04 1954
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