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Portrait of Shimen Ruskin

Shimen Ruskin

Born: Mon, Feb 25 1907 - Fri, Apr 23 1976
years old
Poster of Love and Death
Love and Death
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Borslov
Tue, Jun 10 1975
Poster of Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the Roof
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Mordcha
Wed, Nov 03 1971
Poster of Shaft
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Dr. Sam
Fri, Jun 25 1971
Poster of The Producers
The Producers
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: The Landlord
Wed, Nov 22 1967
Poster of Donovan's Brain
Donovan's Brain
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Tailor
Wed, Sep 30 1953
Poster of Gun Crazy
Gun Crazy
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Can Driver
Fri, Jan 20 1950
Poster of Mr. Soft Touch
Mr. Soft Touch
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Gus (Uncredited)
Thu, Jul 28 1949
Poster of Body and Soul
Body and Soul
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Shimen, the Grocer (uncredited)
Tue, Nov 11 1947
Poster of Dark Passage
Dark Passage
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Driver Hitting Kennedy (uncredited)
Fri, Sep 05 1947
Poster of Johnny O'Clock
Johnny O'Clock
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Dry Cleaner Guy
Tue, Jan 07 1947
Poster of Crack-Up
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Dissenter at Art Lecture (Uncredited)
Fri, Sep 06 1946
Poster of Deadline at Dawn
Deadline at Dawn
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Sam, Taxi Driver
Mon, Mar 18 1946
Poster of The Mask of Diijon
The Mask of Diijon
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Guzzo
Mon, Mar 11 1946
Poster of From This Day Forward
From This Day Forward
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Artist in Shop
Sat, Mar 02 1946
Poster of The Big Street
The Big Street
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Joe (Uncredited)
Thu, Aug 13 1942
Poster of Dance Hall
Dance Hall
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Charles 'Limpy' Larkin
Fri, Jul 18 1941
Poster of Lady from Louisiana
Lady from Louisiana
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Gaston
Tue, Apr 22 1941
Poster of Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Hireling (uncredited)
Thu, Apr 17 1941
Poster of Comrade X
Comrade X
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Russian Bridegroom
Fri, Dec 13 1940
Poster of Having Wonderful Time
Having Wonderful Time
Shimen Ruskin was:
Played: Shrimpo
Fri, Jul 01 1938
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