Portrait of Serhii Shemetylo

Serhii Shemetylo

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Serhii Shemetylo is ?
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Poster of Расколотое небо
Расколотое небо
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Расколотое небо
as 'бандит'.
Mon, Dec 31 1979
Poster of Country Trip of Sgt. Tsybulya
Country Trip of Sgt. Tsybulya
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Country Trip of Sgt. Tsybulya
Wed, Jun 13 1979
Poster of Be Ready, Your Highness
Be Ready, Your Highness
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Be Ready, Your Highness
as 'Deputy head of the camp'.
Mon, Jul 03 1978
Poster of Little School Orchestra
Little School Orchestra
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Little School Orchestra
Mon, Jan 01 1968
Poster of Gas Station Queen
Gas Station Queen
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Gas Station Queen
Mon, Feb 18 1963
Poster of Samolet ukhodit v 9
Samolet ukhodit v 9
Serhii Shemetylo was
? in Samolet ukhodit v 9
Sat, Jan 21 1961

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