Portrait of Sean Barry-Weske

Sean Barry-Weske

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Sean Barry-Weske is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Ticker
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in Ticker
as 'Soldier 2'.
Thu, Nov 07 2002
Poster of Just Another Secret
Just Another Secret
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in Just Another Secret
as 'KGB Agent (uncredited)'.
Sun, Jan 01 1989
Poster of The Monster Club
The Monster Club
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in The Monster Club
as 'Ghoul'.
Sat, Apr 11 1981
Poster of The Oblong Box
The Oblong Box
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in The Oblong Box
as 'Molester in Tavern (uncredited)'.
Wed, Jun 11 1969
Poster of Hot Millions
Hot Millions
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in Hot Millions
as 'Hippie in Boutique'.
Thu, Sep 19 1968
Poster of Bob's Your Uncle
Bob's Your Uncle
Sean Barry-Weske was
? in Bob's Your Uncle
as 'Baby Rudolf'.
Mon, Mar 02 1942

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