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Portrait of Raoul Curet

Raoul Curet

Born: Wed, Sep 08 1920 - Thu, Dec 29 2016
years old
Poster of The Corsican File
The Corsican File
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Borriacciu bet man
Wed, Oct 06 2004
Poster of Betty
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Le notaire
Wed, Feb 19 1992
Poster of My Mother's Castle
My Mother's Castle
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Mr. Vincent
Fri, Oct 26 1990
Poster of My Father's Glory
My Father's Glory
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Mr. Vincent
Wed, Aug 29 1990
Poster of Three Seats for the 26th
Three Seats for the 26th
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Directeur de l'hôtel
Wed, Nov 23 1988
Poster of La baraka
La baraka
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Le facteur
Wed, Dec 15 1982
Poster of Zizis In Madness
Zizis In Madness
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Aristide Pet-Sec
Tue, Mar 21 1978
Poster of Monsieur Papa
Monsieur Papa
Raoul Curet was:
Tue, Aug 23 1977
Poster of Brigade Call Girls
Brigade Call Girls
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Commissioner Aimé
Wed, Jul 06 1977
Poster of The Devil in the Heart
The Devil in the Heart
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Georges, the butler
Wed, May 26 1976
Poster of The French Detective
The French Detective
Raoul Curet was:
Played: President
Wed, Dec 10 1975
Poster of The Pink Telephone
The Pink Telephone
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Cartier Seller
Wed, Oct 15 1975
Poster of The Purloined Letter
The Purloined Letter
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Dutoit
Sat, Feb 09 1974
Poster of I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse
I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Commissaire Falcon
Thu, Nov 22 1973
Poster of The Day of the Jackal
The Day of the Jackal
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Hotel Waiter
Tue, May 15 1973
Poster of Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
Can Dialectics Break Bricks?
Raoul Curet was:
Played: (voice)
Thu, Mar 08 1973
Poster of The Dominici Affair
The Dominici Affair
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Mayor (uncredited)
Wed, Mar 07 1973
Poster of Le Viager
Le Viager
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Le projectionniste
Wed, Jan 19 1972
Poster of Le chien qui a vu Dieu
Le chien qui a vu Dieu
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Trevaglia
Tue, Mar 10 1970
Poster of La Coqueluche
La Coqueluche
Raoul Curet was:
Played: l'inspecteur SNCF
Fri, May 30 1969
Poster of Réseau secret
Réseau secret
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Hirsch
Wed, Nov 15 1967
Poster of Pas de panique
Pas de panique
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Un membre du clan Blaise
Wed, Aug 10 1966
Poster of Show Girl
Show Girl
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Les Quat' Jeudis
Sun, Apr 02 1961
Poster of Monte Carlo Baby
Monte Carlo Baby
Raoul Curet was:
Played: Membre des Quat' Jeudis (uncredited)
Thu, Nov 22 1951
Poster of At the Grand Balcony
At the Grand Balcony
Raoul Curet was:
Played: (uncredited)
Wed, Nov 30 1949
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