Portrait of Ramón Ibarra

Ramón Ibarra

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Ramón Ibarra is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of The Cliff
The Cliff
Ramón Ibarra was
? in The Cliff
as 'Comisario'.
Fri, Jun 03 2016
Poster of Julieta
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Julieta
as ''.
Fri, Apr 08 2016
Poster of The Cross
The Cross
Ramón Ibarra was
? in The Cross
as 'Father'.
Mon, Apr 02 2012
Poster of Pecata minuta
Pecata minuta
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Pecata minuta
as 'Joselito'.
Fri, Apr 09 1999
Poster of Menos que cero
Menos que cero
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Menos que cero
as 'Médico'.
Sun, Nov 10 1996
Poster of Seeds of Tragedy
Seeds of Tragedy
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Seeds of Tragedy
as ''.
Sat, Jun 15 1991
Poster of The Master Demon
The Master Demon
Ramón Ibarra was
? in The Master Demon
as 'Henchman'.
Mon, Jun 10 1991
Poster of Gran sol
Gran sol
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Gran sol
as ''.
Fri, Feb 24 1989
Poster of Muerto de amor
Muerto de amor
Ramón Ibarra will be
0+ in Muerto de amor
as 'Funerario'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Hasta siempre, Puente Viejo
Hasta siempre, Puente Viejo
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Hasta siempre, Puente Viejo
as 'Raimundo Ulloa'.
First Air Date
Fri, May 01 2020
Poster of Old Bridge Secret
Old Bridge Secret
Ramón Ibarra was
? in Old Bridge Secret
as 'Raimundo Ulloa'.
First Air Date
Wed, Feb 23 2011
Poster of La que se avecina
La que se avecina
Ramón Ibarra was
? in La que se avecina
as 'Ramiro Contreras'.
First Air Date
Sun, Apr 22 2007