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Portrait of Rainer Laupichler

Rainer Laupichler

Born: Mon, Jan 21 1957
years old
Poster of Leben über Kreuz
Leben über Kreuz
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Peter Wanner
Fri, Mar 12 2021
Poster of Weil du mir gehörst
Weil du mir gehörst
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Richter Rudolph
Mon, Jul 01 2019
Poster of Passagier 23
Passagier 23
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Dr. Prygga
Thu, Dec 13 2018
Poster of Carneval - Der Clown bringt den Tod
Carneval - Der Clown bringt den Tod
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Van Heiden
Mon, May 21 2018
Poster of Ich gehöre ihm
Ich gehöre ihm
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Robert Acker
Wed, Aug 30 2017
Poster of Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians
Manhunt: Escape to the Carpathians
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Innenminister Jacobi
Mon, Jun 27 2016
Poster of All of a Sudden
All of a Sudden
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Chef
Thu, Apr 21 2016
Poster of The Dark Side of the Moon
The Dark Side of the Moon
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Dr. Nauer
Thu, Jan 14 2016
Poster of Wenckes Verbrecher
Wenckes Verbrecher
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Dr.Winger
Sat, Oct 12 2013
Poster of Idiotentest
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Herr Wöhlermann
Thu, Apr 19 2012
Poster of Westflug - Entführung aus Liebe
Westflug - Entführung aus Liebe
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Anwalt
Sun, Sep 26 2010
Poster of Something to Remind Me
Something to Remind Me
Rainer Laupichler was:
Fri, May 31 2002
Poster of Das Tor des Feuers
Das Tor des Feuers
Rainer Laupichler was:
Played: Barner
Sun, Nov 10 1996
Poster of Strike Back
Strike Back
Rainer Laupichler was:
Thu, Sep 10 1981
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