Portrait of Rachel Keller

Rachel Keller

Bio: Rachel Rye Keller (born December 25, 1992) is an American actress. She was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Born: Fri, Dec 25 1992
Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Rachel Keller is 31 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Chestnut
Rachel Keller was
30 in Chestnut
as 'Tyler'.
Thu, Jun 15 2023
Poster of Butcher's Crossing
Butcher's Crossing
Rachel Keller was
30 in Butcher's Crossing
as 'Francine'.
Fri, Feb 03 2023
Poster of A Man Called Otto
A Man Called Otto
Rachel Keller was
30 in A Man Called Otto
as 'Sonya'.
Wed, Dec 28 2022
Poster of The Following Year
The Following Year
Rachel Keller was
28 in The Following Year
as 'Julia'.
Fri, Oct 15 2021
Poster of In the Shadow of the Moon
In the Shadow of the Moon
Rachel Keller was
26 in In the Shadow of the Moon
as 'Jean'.
Fri, Sep 27 2019
Poster of Write When You Get Work
Write When You Get Work
Rachel Keller was
25 in Write When You Get Work
as 'Ruth Duffy'.
Mon, Mar 12 2018
Poster of Wig Shop
Wig Shop
Rachel Keller was
24 in Wig Shop
as 'Shoshana'.
Sun, Nov 12 2017
Poster of Hollidaysburg
Rachel Keller was
21 in Hollidaysburg
as 'Tori'.
Fri, Sep 19 2014
Poster of Flutter
Rachel Keller was
19 in Flutter
as 'Kaylin'.
Sun, Aug 26 2012
Poster of I Still Adore You
I Still Adore You
Rachel Keller was
19 in I Still Adore You
as 'Cigarette Girl'.
Fri, Aug 17 2012
Poster of Diddie Wa Diddie
Diddie Wa Diddie
Rachel Keller will be
31+ in Diddie Wa Diddie
as 'Janet'.

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

Ages in TV shows are based off the first air date and may not be accurate. View individual episode details for accurate ages
Poster of Tokyo Vice
Tokyo Vice
Rachel Keller was
29+ in Tokyo Vice
as 'Samantha Porter'.
First Air Date
Thu, Apr 07 2022
Poster of The Society
The Society
Rachel Keller was
26+ in The Society
as 'Cassandra Pressman'.
First Air Date
Fri, May 10 2019
Poster of Dirty John
Dirty John
Rachel Keller was
25+ in Dirty John
as 'Linda Kolkena'.
First Air Date
Sun, Nov 25 2018
Poster of Legion
Rachel Keller was
24+ in Legion
as 'Sydney ‘Syd’ Barrett'.
First Air Date
Wed, Feb 08 2017
Poster of Fargo
Rachel Keller was
21+ in Fargo
as 'Simone Gerhardt'.
First Air Date
Tue, Apr 15 2014
Poster of The Mentalist
The Mentalist
Rachel Keller was
15+ in The Mentalist
as 'Anne'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 23 2008
Poster of Supernatural
Rachel Keller was
12+ in Supernatural
as 'Sister Mathias'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 13 2005