Portrait of Peter Pedrero

Peter Pedrero

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Birthplace: London, England, UK
Peter Pedrero is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Censor
Peter Pedrero was
? in Censor
as 'Man in Extreme Coda'.
Fri, Jun 11 2021
Poster of Artemis Fowl
Artemis Fowl
Peter Pedrero was
? in Artemis Fowl
as 'Italian Wedding Guest (uncredited)'.
Fri, Jun 12 2020
Poster of Final Score
Final Score
Peter Pedrero was
? in Final Score
as 'Anton'.
Fri, Sep 07 2018
Poster of The Leap
The Leap
Peter Pedrero was
? in The Leap
as 'Blue Merc'.
Fri, Mar 27 2015
Poster of The ABCs of Death
The ABCs of Death
Peter Pedrero was
? in The ABCs of Death
as 'Hooded Man'.
Fri, Mar 08 2013
Poster of Wrath of Gods
Wrath of Gods
Peter Pedrero was
? in Wrath of Gods
as 'Self'.
Sun, May 06 2007
Poster of The Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code
Peter Pedrero was
? in The Da Vinci Code
as 'Silas' Father'.
Wed, May 17 2006
Poster of Al's Lads
Al's Lads
Peter Pedrero was
? in Al's Lads
as 'Brendan'.
Sat, Jun 29 2002

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of The Man Who Fell to Earth
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Peter Pedrero was
? in The Man Who Fell to Earth
as 'SWAT 1'.
First Air Date
Sun, Apr 24 2022
Poster of Sherlock
Peter Pedrero was
? in Sherlock
as 'Archer'.
First Air Date
Sun, Jul 25 2010