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Portrait of Nina Scenna

Nina Scenna

Born: Thu, Apr 11 1907 - Wed, Sep 16 1981
years old
Poster of The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Lucretia Otis
Thu, Mar 01 1962
Poster of You Are My Adventure
You Are My Adventure
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Woman at a meeting
Mon, Mar 24 1958
Poster of Little Fridolf and Me
Little Fridolf and Me
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Countess Else Rinner af Stolpe
Mon, Oct 29 1956
Poster of Hon kom som en vind
Hon kom som en vind
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Customer
Wed, Nov 26 1952
Poster of Puck heter jag
Puck heter jag
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Woman calling the police
Mon, Mar 05 1951
Poster of The White Cat
The White Cat
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Woman at the train station cafe
Mon, Dec 25 1950
Poster of Stora Hoparegränd och himmelriket
Stora Hoparegränd och himmelriket
Nina Scenna was:
Mon, Dec 26 1949
Poster of Lång-Lasse i Delsbo
Lång-Lasse i Delsbo
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Indecent woman
Sat, Oct 29 1949
Poster of Hur tokigt som helst
Hur tokigt som helst
Nina Scenna was:
Mon, Feb 28 1949
Poster of The Banquet
The Banquet
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Hulda
Sat, Dec 18 1948
Poster of The People from Simlangs Valley
The People from Simlangs Valley
Nina Scenna was:
Fri, Dec 26 1947
Poster of Försök inte med mej...
Försök inte med mej...
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Hulda Forslund
Sat, Feb 02 1946
Poster of Herre med portfölj
Herre med portfölj
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Nurse
Tue, Nov 30 1943
Poster of Eld, lera och människor
Eld, lera och människor
Nina Scenna was:
Fri, Nov 13 1942
Poster of Sexlingar
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Journalist
Mon, Jun 08 1942
Poster of June Night
June Night
Nina Scenna was:
Played: Model
Wed, Apr 03 1940
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