Portrait of Nina Brandhoff

Nina Brandhoff

Born: Tue, Sep 10 1974
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Nina Brandhoff is 49 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Deine schöne Hölle
Deine schöne Hölle
Nina Brandhoff was
49 in Deine schöne Hölle
as 'Nina'.
Fri, Oct 27 2023
Poster of Pizza und Marmelade
Pizza und Marmelade
Nina Brandhoff was
35 in Pizza und Marmelade
as 'Susanne'.
Wed, Dec 30 2009

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Daheim in den Bergen
Daheim in den Bergen
Nina Brandhoff was
43+ in Daheim in den Bergen
as 'Frau Hinrichs'.
First Air Date
Fri, May 04 2018
Poster of München Mord
München Mord
Nina Brandhoff was
39+ in München Mord
as 'Hausfrau'.
First Air Date
Sat, Mar 29 2014
Poster of Der Bergdoktor
Der Bergdoktor
Nina Brandhoff was
33+ in Der Bergdoktor
as 'Melanie Ellert'.
First Air Date
Thu, Feb 07 2008
Poster of Die Rosenheim-Cops
Die Rosenheim-Cops
Nina Brandhoff was
27+ in Die Rosenheim-Cops
as 'Marlies Moostaler, Iris Schuster, Judith Färber'.
First Air Date
Wed, Jan 09 2002
Poster of SOKO 5113
SOKO 5113
Nina Brandhoff was
3+ in SOKO 5113
as 'Maria Stegemann'.
First Air Date
Mon, Jan 02 1978