Portrait of Nerissa Tedesco

Nerissa Tedesco

Born: Unknown birthdate.
Nerissa Tedesco is ?
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Poster of Dirty Little Deeds
Dirty Little Deeds
Nerissa Tedesco was
? in Dirty Little Deeds
as 'Miss Watkins'.
Sat, Nov 27 2021
Poster of 1 Interrogation
1 Interrogation
Nerissa Tedesco was
? in 1 Interrogation
as ''.
Thu, Jun 25 2020
Poster of You Should Meet My Son! 2
You Should Meet My Son! 2
Nerissa Tedesco was
? in You Should Meet My Son! 2
as 'Rose'.
Thu, Nov 01 2018
Poster of $elfie Shootout
$elfie Shootout
Nerissa Tedesco was
? in $elfie Shootout
as 'Irina'.
Fri, Aug 05 2016
Poster of Ocean's Twelve
Ocean's Twelve
Nerissa Tedesco was
? in Ocean's Twelve
as 'Palm Reader'.
Thu, Dec 09 2004

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