Portrait of Nancy Baldwin

Nancy Baldwin

Bio: Nancy Baldwin is an American-British film and television actress.
Born: Unknown birthdate.
Birthplace: Central Square, New York, USA
Nancy Baldwin is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of The Son
The Son
Nancy Baldwin was
? in The Son
as 'Principal's Secretary'.
Thu, Nov 10 2022
Poster of Boys On Film 21: Beautiful Secret
Boys On Film 21: Beautiful Secret
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Boys On Film 21: Beautiful Secret
as 'Stephanie (segment "Clothes & Blow")'.
Mon, Mar 01 2021
Poster of Clothes & Blow
Clothes & Blow
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Clothes & Blow
as 'Stephanie'.
Thu, Oct 11 2018
Poster of London Has Fallen
London Has Fallen
Nancy Baldwin was
? in London Has Fallen
as 'German Chancellor Agnes Bruckner'.
Wed, Mar 02 2016
Poster of Everest
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Everest
as 'Janie'.
Thu, Sep 10 2015
Poster of Hyde Park on Hudson
Hyde Park on Hudson
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Hyde Park on Hudson
as 'Mrs. Astor'.
Fri, Dec 07 2012
Poster of Some Dogs Bite
Some Dogs Bite
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Some Dogs Bite
as 'American Tourist'.
Fri, Oct 01 2010
Poster of Right Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Right Hand Drive
as 'Mrs. Thomas'.
Thu, Jan 01 2009
Poster of Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Mamma Mia!
as 'Sam's PA'.
Thu, Jul 03 2008

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of The Night Manager
The Night Manager
Nancy Baldwin was
? in The Night Manager
as 'Jed's Mother'.
First Air Date
Sun, Feb 21 2016
Poster of Doctor Who
Doctor Who
Nancy Baldwin was
? in Doctor Who
as 'Joy'.
First Air Date
Sat, Mar 26 2005