Portrait of Morgan Davies

Morgan Davies

Bio: Morgan Davies is an Australian film and television actor. He is best known for his roles in Evil Dead Rise (2023) and One Piece (2023)
Born: Tue, Nov 27 2001
Birthplace: Australia
Morgan Davies is 22 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Evil Dead Rise
Evil Dead Rise
Morgan Davies was
21 in Evil Dead Rise
as 'Danny'.
Wed, Apr 12 2023
Poster of Blaze
Morgan Davies was
20 in Blaze
as 'Young Man'.
Thu, Aug 25 2022
Poster of Beautiful They
Beautiful They
Morgan Davies was
19 in Beautiful They
as 'Blue'.
Wed, Aug 11 2021
Poster of Storm Boy
Storm Boy
Morgan Davies was
17 in Storm Boy
as 'Madeline'.
Thu, Jan 17 2019
Poster of The Boyfriend Game
The Boyfriend Game
Morgan Davies was
13 in The Boyfriend Game
as 'Tomika'.
Mon, Sep 14 2015
Poster of Hench
Morgan Davies was
13 in Hench
as 'Scatter Shot'.
Thu, Jan 01 2015
Poster of Breath
Morgan Davies was
12 in Breath
as 'Samantha'.
Thu, Oct 09 2014
Poster of Kharisma
Morgan Davies was
12 in Kharisma
as 'Kharisma'.
Fri, Jan 03 2014
Poster of Julian
Morgan Davies was
10 in Julian
as 'Cassandra'.
Mon, Jan 09 2012
Poster of The Hunter
The Hunter
Morgan Davies was
9 in The Hunter
as 'Sass Armstrong'.
Thu, Oct 06 2011
Poster of The Tree
The Tree
Morgan Davies was
8 in The Tree
as 'Simone O'Neil'.
Wed, Mar 03 2010

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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Poster of ONE PIECE
Morgan Davies was
21+ in ONE PIECE
as 'Koby'.
First Air Date
Thu, Aug 31 2023
Poster of The End
The End
Morgan Davies was
18+ in The End
as 'Oberon Brennan'.
First Air Date
Mon, Feb 10 2020
Poster of The Girlfriend Experience
The Girlfriend Experience
Morgan Davies was
14+ in The Girlfriend Experience
as 'Kayla'.
First Air Date
Sun, Apr 10 2016
Poster of Devil's Playground
Devil's Playground
Morgan Davies was
12+ in Devil's Playground
as 'Bridie Allen'.
First Air Date
Tue, Sep 09 2014
Poster of Terra Nova
Terra Nova
Morgan Davies was
9+ in Terra Nova
as 'Leah Marcos'.
First Air Date
Mon, Sep 26 2011