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Portrait of Monte Landis

Monte Landis

Born: Thu, Apr 20 1933
years old
Poster of Heart Condition
Heart Condition
Monte Landis was:
Played: Beverly Palm Hotel Waiter
Fri, Feb 02 1990
Poster of The Underachievers
The Underachievers
Monte Landis was:
Played: Carruthers
Wed, Jun 01 1988
Poster of Real Genius
Real Genius
Monte Landis was:
Played: Dr. Dodd
Wed, Aug 07 1985
Poster of Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Monte Landis was:
Played: Mario
Fri, Jul 26 1985
Poster of Body Double
Body Double
Monte Landis was:
Played: Sid Goldberg
Thu, Oct 25 1984
Poster of Yellowbeard
Monte Landis was:
Played: Prison Guard
Fri, Jun 24 1983
Poster of Linda Lovelace for President
Linda Lovelace for President
Monte Landis was:
Played: B.S.
Sat, Mar 01 1975
Poster of Young Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein
Monte Landis was:
Played: Gravedigger
Sun, Dec 15 1974
Poster of Candy Stripe Nurses
Candy Stripe Nurses
Monte Landis was:
Played: Husband in Clinic
Wed, May 01 1974
Poster of Myra Breckinridge
Myra Breckinridge
Monte Landis was:
Played: Vince
Wed, Jun 24 1970
Poster of Targets
Monte Landis was:
Played: Marshall Smith
Thu, Aug 15 1968
Poster of Double Trouble
Double Trouble
Monte Landis was:
Played: Georgie
Wed, Apr 05 1967
Poster of Kiss Me Kate
Kiss Me Kate
Monte Landis was:
Mon, Apr 20 1964
Poster of Charade
Monte Landis was:
Played: Master of Ceremonies at Club (uncredited)
Thu, Dec 05 1963
Poster of What a Crazy World
What a Crazy World
Monte Landis was:
Played: Solly Gold
Tue, Jul 02 1963
Poster of Play It Cool
Play It Cool
Monte Landis was:
Played: Horace - Beatnik Man
Thu, Mar 01 1962
Poster of On the Fiddle
On the Fiddle
Monte Landis was:
Played: Conductor
Tue, Oct 10 1961
Poster of The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's
The Pure Hell of St. Trinian's
Monte Landis was:
Played: Octavius
Thu, Dec 22 1960
Poster of School for Scoundrels
School for Scoundrels
Monte Landis was:
Played: Fleetsnod
Thu, Mar 24 1960
Poster of The Mouse That Roared
The Mouse That Roared
Monte Landis was:
Played: Cobbley
Fri, Jul 17 1959
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