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Portrait of Michel Côté

Michel Côté

Born: Sun, Jun 25 1950
years old
Poster of Father and Guns 2
Father and Guns 2
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jacques Laroche
Fri, Jul 14 2017
Poster of My Friend Dino
My Friend Dino
Michel Côté was:
Fri, Aug 05 2016
Poster of The Masters of Suspense
The Masters of Suspense
Michel Côté was:
Played: Hubert Wolfe
Fri, Dec 19 2014
Poster of Omertà
Michel Côté was:
Played: Pierre Gauthier
Wed, Jul 11 2012
Poster of A Sense of Humor
A Sense of Humor
Michel Côté was:
Played: Roger Gendron
Fri, Jul 08 2011
Poster of Piché: Entre Ciel et Terre
Piché: Entre Ciel et Terre
Michel Côté was:
Played: Robert Piché - 41-48 ans
Wed, Jul 07 2010
Poster of Father and Guns
Father and Guns
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jacques Laroche
Wed, Jul 08 2009
Poster of Cruising Bar 2
Cruising Bar 2
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jean-Jacques / Gérard / Patrice / Serge
Tue, Jan 01 2008
Poster of My Daughter, My Angel
My Daughter, My Angel
Michel Côté was:
Played: Germain Dagenais
Mon, Jan 01 2007
Poster of C.R.A.Z.Y.
Michel Côté was:
Played: Gervais Beaulieu
Fri, May 27 2005
Poster of The Last Tunnel
The Last Tunnel
Michel Côté was:
Played: Marcel Talon
Fri, Mar 12 2004
Poster of Evil Words
Evil Words
Michel Côté was:
Played: Paul Lacasse
Fri, Oct 03 2003
Poster of Life after love
Life after love
Michel Côté was:
Played: Gilles Gervais
Fri, Jul 07 2000
Poster of Le bogue de l'an 2000
Le bogue de l'an 2000
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jean-Louis Pichette 'Jean-Lou'
Fri, Dec 31 1999
Poster of The Countess of Baton Rouge
The Countess of Baton Rouge
Michel Côté was:
Played: (uncredited)
Wed, Sep 17 1997
Poster of Black List
Black List
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jacques Savard
Wed, Sep 06 1995
Poster of Erreur sur la personne
Erreur sur la personne
Michel Côté was:
Played: Charles Renard
Fri, May 26 1995
Poster of Wind from Wyoming
Wind from Wyoming
Michel Côté was:
Played: Marcel Mentha
Thu, May 26 1994
Poster of You're Beautiful, Jeanne
You're Beautiful, Jeanne
Michel Côté was:
Played: Bert
Sun, Aug 26 1990
Poster of Moody Beach
Moody Beach
Michel Côté was:
Played: Simon
Sat, Aug 25 1990
Poster of Cruising Bar
Cruising Bar
Michel Côté was:
Played: Jean-Jacques / Gérard / Patrice / Serge
Fri, Jul 14 1989
Poster of Dans le ventre du dragon
Dans le ventre du dragon
Michel Côté was:
Played: Bozo
Fri, May 26 1989
Poster of Au clair de la lune
Au clair de la lune
Michel Côté was:
Played: François
Sat, Jan 01 1983
Poster of Angel Life
Angel Life
Michel Côté was:
Sun, Mar 25 1979
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