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Portrait of Maritta Marke

Maritta Marke

Born: Fri, Jun 30 1905 - Thu, Dec 08 1983
years old
Poster of The Wedding
The Wedding
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Ester
Wed, Oct 31 1973
Poster of Dirty Fingers
Dirty Fingers
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Dam med hund i parken
Tue, Jan 02 1973
Poster of Woman of Darkness
Woman of Darkness
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Stina Edvards
Sat, Oct 01 1966
Poster of The Yellow Car
The Yellow Car
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Hostess
Sat, Jun 29 1963
Poster of Det är hos mig han har varit
Det är hos mig han har varit
Maritta Marke was:
Mon, Feb 04 1963
Poster of When Darkness Falls
When Darkness Falls
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Alice Broman
Mon, Dec 26 1960
Poster of Av hjärtans lust
Av hjärtans lust
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Tourist
Mon, Aug 29 1960
Poster of Får jag låna din fru?
Får jag låna din fru?
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Mrs. Antonsson
Mon, Jun 22 1959
Poster of Mannequin in Red
Mannequin in Red
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Elsa Magnusson
Fri, Dec 19 1958
Poster of The Phantom Carriage
The Phantom Carriage
Maritta Marke was:
Thu, Sep 18 1958
Poster of Rasmus and the Vagabond
Rasmus and the Vagabond
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Gerda Rosén
Sat, Dec 03 1955
Poster of Klasskamrater
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Anna-Greta's landlady
Mon, Nov 17 1952
Poster of June Night
June Night
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Miss Vanja
Wed, Apr 03 1940
Poster of Rena rama sanningen
Rena rama sanningen
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Eva Berg
Mon, May 22 1939
Poster of Milly, Maria och jag
Milly, Maria och jag
Maritta Marke was:
Mon, May 23 1938
Poster of Guest House Paradise
Guest House Paradise
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Lotta Bergström
Mon, Feb 08 1937
Poster of Han, hon och pengarna
Han, hon och pengarna
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Maria Barke
Mon, Oct 19 1936
Poster of Släkten är värst
Släkten är värst
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Karin
Mon, Jul 27 1936
Poster of Kungen kommer
Kungen kommer
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Anette
Mon, Mar 23 1936
Poster of The Marriage Game
The Marriage Game
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Märta Larsson
Mon, Nov 25 1935
Poster of Giftasvuxna döttrar
Giftasvuxna döttrar
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Lina
Sun, Apr 09 1933
Poster of A stolen waltz
A stolen waltz
Maritta Marke was:
Played: Black sheep
Thu, Feb 04 1932
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