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Portrait of Mario Lanza

Mario Lanza

Born: Mon, Jan 31 1921 - Wed, Oct 07 1959
years old
Poster of The Art of Singing: Golden Voices of the Century
The Art of Singing: Golden Voices of the Century
Mario Lanza would have been:
Wed, Mar 25 1998
Poster of That's Entertainment!
That's Entertainment!
Mario Lanza would have been:
Played: (archive footage)
Fri, Jun 21 1974
Poster of For the First Time
For the First Time
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Tonio Costa
Thu, Feb 26 1959
Poster of Seven Hills of Rome
Seven Hills of Rome
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Marc Revere
Thu, Nov 21 1957
Poster of Serenade
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Damon Vincenti
Fri, Mar 23 1956
Poster of The Student Prince
The Student Prince
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Prince Karl (singing voice)
Tue, Jun 15 1954
Poster of Because You're Mine
Because You're Mine
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Renaldo Rossano
Wed, Oct 01 1952
Poster of The Great Caruso
The Great Caruso
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Enrico Caruso
Mon, Apr 16 1951
Poster of The Toast of New Orleans
The Toast of New Orleans
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Pepe Abellard Duvalle
Thu, Aug 24 1950
Poster of That Midnight Kiss
That Midnight Kiss
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Johnny Donnetti
Thu, Sep 22 1949
Poster of Winged Victory
Winged Victory
Mario Lanza was:
Played: Chorus Member (uncredited)
Fri, Dec 22 1944
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