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Portrait of Marianne Aminoff

Marianne Aminoff

Born: Thu, Sep 21 1916 - Sat, Apr 14 1984
years old
Poster of Fanny and Alexander
Fanny and Alexander
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Blenda Vergérus
Fri, Dec 17 1982
Poster of Autumn Sonata
Autumn Sonata
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Charlotte's Private Secretary
Sun, Oct 08 1978
Poster of Mackan
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: French teacher
Mon, Dec 19 1977
Poster of Summer Paradise
Summer Paradise
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Christina
Wed, Apr 27 1977
Poster of Near and Far Away
Near and Far Away
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Old Woman
Mon, Nov 08 1976
Poster of Face to Face
Face to Face
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Jenny's Mother
Mon, Apr 05 1976
Poster of The Last Adventure
The Last Adventure
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Jimmy's mother
Thu, Oct 24 1974
Poster of The White Carnation
The White Carnation
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Assistant Jeweller
Fri, Aug 30 1974
Poster of The Wedding
The Wedding
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Frida Frohm
Wed, Oct 31 1973
Poster of Den goda människan i Sezuan
Den goda människan i Sezuan
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: fru Yang
Fri, Jan 01 1971
Poster of Repetitionen
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: The Countess
Sun, Jan 28 1968
Poster of My Passionate Longing
My Passionate Longing
Marianne Aminoff was:
Mon, Nov 19 1956
Poster of It's Never Too Late
It's Never Too Late
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Birgit Karpell
Sat, Mar 17 1956
Poster of Sista ringen
Sista ringen
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Maria Valberg
Mon, Oct 10 1955
Poster of Här kommer vi ...
Här kommer vi ...
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Operettsångerska
Sat, Oct 18 1947
Poster of The Balloon
The Balloon
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Vanda Novak
Mon, Oct 07 1946
Poster of In the Arms of Roslagen
In the Arms of Roslagen
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Carmencita
Mon, Aug 20 1945
Poster of Lev farligt
Lev farligt
Marianne Aminoff was:
Mon, Apr 03 1944
Poster of Ta hand om Ulla
Ta hand om Ulla
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Ulla Lundin
Tue, Oct 27 1942
Poster of En sjöman i frack
En sjöman i frack
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Madeleine Haller
Sun, Feb 22 1942
Poster of With You in My Arms
With You in My Arms
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Britt
Sat, Nov 09 1940
Poster of June Night
June Night
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Nickan Dahlin
Wed, Apr 03 1940
Poster of Mot nya tider
Mot nya tider
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Eva
Mon, Nov 06 1939
Poster of To Help the Lady of the House
To Help the Lady of the House
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Eva
Sun, Sep 24 1939
Poster of Styrman Karlssons flammor
Styrman Karlssons flammor
Marianne Aminoff was:
Played: Juanita
Sun, Sep 18 1938
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