Portrait of Loretta Higgins

Loretta Higgins

Bio: Loretta Higgins was born as Angela Loretta Higgins. She is an actress, known for LOL (2012), The Ides of March (2011) and 6 Souls (2010)
Born: Unknown birthdate.
Loretta Higgins is ?
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Movies (Acting Roles)

Poster of Moontrap: Target Earth
Moontrap: Target Earth
Loretta Higgins was
? in Moontrap: Target Earth
as 'The Engineer'.
Tue, Feb 07 2017
Poster of LOL
Loretta Higgins was
? in LOL
as 'Kyle's Mother'.
Fri, Feb 10 2012
Poster of Joy Road
Joy Road
Loretta Higgins was
? in Joy Road
as 'Linda'.
Fri, Oct 21 2011
Poster of The Ides of March
The Ides of March
Loretta Higgins was
? in The Ides of March
as 'Reporter #2'.
Sat, Sep 24 2011
Poster of Love & Other Drugs
Love & Other Drugs
Loretta Higgins was
? in Love & Other Drugs
as 'PET Scan Doctor'.
Thu, Nov 04 2010
Poster of 6 Souls
6 Souls
Loretta Higgins was
? in 6 Souls
as 'Lady Doctor'.
Sat, Mar 27 2010
Poster of Crossover
Loretta Higgins was
? in Crossover
as 'Professor'.
Fri, Sep 01 2006

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