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Liam Gaffney

Liam Gaffney

Born: Thu, Jun 22 1911 - Fri, Jul 01 1994
years old
Island of Terror
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Ian Bellows
Mon, Jun 20 1966
Jazz Boat
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Spider's Father
Wed, Jun 01 1960
Street of Shadows
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Constable Fred Roberts
Fri, Oct 16 1953
Women of Twilight
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Minor Role (uncredited)
Sat, Nov 29 1952
Curtain Up
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Norwood Beverley
Wed, Mar 12 1952
The Lady with a Lamp
Liam Gaffney was:
Sat, Sep 22 1951
The Bad Lord Byron
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Tom Moore
Mon, Apr 18 1949
Captain Boycott
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Michael Fagan
Tue, Aug 26 1947
Dr. O'Dowd
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Stephen O'Dowd
Sat, Jun 22 1940
The Four Just Men
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Taxi driver (uncredited)
Thu, Jun 01 1939
The Villiers Diamond
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Alan O'Connel
Sat, Jan 01 1938
Liam Gaffney was:
Played: Jim O'Grady
Fri, Jan 01 1937
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