Portrait of Leah Ray

Leah Ray

Born: Tue, Feb 16 1915
Death: Thu, May 27 1999
Leah Ray is 84 years old
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Movies (Acting Roles)

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Poster of Bob's Busy Day
Bob's Busy Day
Leah Ray was
27 in Bob's Busy Day
as 'Senorita'.
Mon, Jun 01 1942
Poster of Walking Down Broadway
Walking Down Broadway
Leah Ray was
23 in Walking Down Broadway
as 'Linda Martin'.
Fri, Mar 11 1938
Poster of Happy Landing
Happy Landing
Leah Ray was
22 in Happy Landing
as 'Specialty singer'.
Sun, Jan 23 1938
Poster of Thin Ice
Thin Ice
Leah Ray was
22 in Thin Ice
as 'Singer'.
Fri, Sep 03 1937
Poster of Wake Up and Live
Wake Up and Live
Leah Ray was
22 in Wake Up and Live
as 'Cafe Singer'.
Mon, Aug 23 1937
Poster of Sing and Be Happy
Sing and Be Happy
Leah Ray was
22 in Sing and Be Happy
as 'Ann Lane'.
Fri, Jun 25 1937
Poster of The Holy Terror
The Holy Terror
Leah Ray was
21 in The Holy Terror
as 'Marjorie'.
Fri, Feb 05 1937
Poster of One in a Million
One in a Million
Leah Ray was
21 in One in a Million
as 'Girl in Band'.
Fri, Jan 01 1937
Poster of Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing
Leah Ray was
20 in Double or Nothing
as ''.
Sat, Jan 18 1936
Poster of Going Spanish
Going Spanish
Leah Ray was
19 in Going Spanish
as 'Senorita'.
Thu, Mar 01 1934
Poster of A Bedtime Story
A Bedtime Story
Leah Ray was
18 in A Bedtime Story
as 'Mademoiselle Gabrielle'.
Sat, Apr 22 1933

TV Shows (Acting Roles)

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